What the Boy Said #1

I have meaning to do a post that collects together some of the amusing things that the boy has said for some time. He does have trouble with some aspects of language (he really struggles to answer any question that doesn’t have a short, factual answer) but there are also some areas that he excels in. It means that his turn of phrase can sometimes sound like something a much older person would say, and this can be very amusing at times. Here are some of the best examples from the last few weeks:

(When I misidentified a planet in the Space Encyclopaedia)
E: Mummy, that’s not Mars, that’s Venus. You’re very, very wrong Mummy.

E: I’ve got a hookie tookie.
Me: Do you mean a walkie talkie?
E: Yes.

E: Clip tock, clip tock, clip tock. It’s a horse clock!

E: Mummy I am being a very, very careful boy and so I am holding on to this rope.

Biggest holding on to the rope

E: I don’t like Mr. Tumble.
Me: Oh? Why?
E: There’s something wrong with him.
Me: What’s wrong with him?
E: The mega-machine is too hard for him. It’s too hard for Grandad Tumble too.
(Don’t ask me what that one is all about)

E: Hello Mr. Ball. I could throw you if I wanted. Shall I throw you?
*pauses while ball presumably replies in his mind*
I’m sorry Mr. Ball but I just don’t understand what you’re talking about.

E: Mummy, you can’t really just apologise to a dinosaur.
Me: No, I don’t suppose you can.

Me: What’s this animal?
E: A unicorn
Me: It’s actually just a horse Sweetheart. But good try. Do you remember what a baby horse is called?
E: *thoughtful face*….a horselet?

(Of his baby sister)
E: Mummy, could you please just take H far away?

(While playing with dinosaur stamps)
E: Look mummy, I made a Tyran- enormous Rex!

Me: E, don’t put your feet on the table please.
E: But the table needs feet! The table neeeeeeeds my feet!

(After sitting on the potty for some time. Potty training is extremely stressful for him and we are taking it very slowly.)
E: Mummy, I really really just need a pee pee to come out of my privates, right now. Pleeeeease!

E: Look Mummy! I have a foxy sock and an owly sock!

gruffalo socks

To understand this one you have to know that sometimes when I give him his juice cup, I say “Here is some juicy, juicy juice for my very juicy boy!” (It seems weird now I come to write it down but we all say odd stuff like that to our children, right? Right?)

*Imagine a very urgent, slightly distressed voice*

E: Mummy, mummy! I’m a very juicy boy and I need some juicy juice now!

I shall save them up again until next time…

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18 thoughts on “What the Boy Said #1

  1. I love this list of things that your son has said – especially the “Tyran-enormous rex” (much more descriptive than a boring Tyrannosaurus rex!), “hookie tookie” for “walkie talkie” and the conversation with Mr Ball asking if he could throw it. And who could resist your “very juicy boy” asking for his juicy juice? Thanks for linking up to #ftmob

  2. Aw, I love this! Especially ‘You can’t just apologise to a dinosaur’ – very true! And I’m not totally sure about Mr Tumble either to be fair! I can’t wait until my little one is talking – he’s such an odd sausage I think he’ll come out with some corkers! #bloggerclubuk

    1. I think we all have our worries about Mr Tumble! ;). It is fun when they come out with these things. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Aww how sweet. This made me smile, I love the cute and funny things that kids say. #BloggerClubUK

  4. I absolutely love this post! It’s really brightened my day πŸ™‚ I think that it’s something that all parents should do with their children, so that when they’re older they can look back and have a good old laugh! Love your blog too! Xxx

  5. The thing about holding onto the rope! I gave my eldest (nearly 4) an open cup when he had just turned through and told him to be careful with if. He carried it incredible slowly out of the kitchen and said “I am being especially very careful, mummy!”

  6. What a lovely and funny post! I really enjoy reading about what kids say. “Mummy, you can’t really just apologise to a dinosaur.”- how apt and true yet funny is this? It does make so much sense. Thanks for sharing with #PasstheSauce

  7. YES we do say crazy things like that to our kids! Don’t get me started on the toilet training stories I came out with. The juicey boy one is fab! I love how you were very very wrong – not just one very. I think they love catching us out! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x

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