Saturday Siblings Photo 06/05/2016

Saturday Siblings 1

When the littlest bean came along, my gorgeous boy didn’t cope well. He was just a few months away from an autism diagnosis and her arrival threw his little world into chaos.

He wouldn’t go near her, thrust his hands over his ears and screamed when she cried (which was a lot) and wanted his daddy more and more, because I always had a baby.

This picture is testament to how far we have come. The unpredictability that she causes can be too much for him to bear sometimes, and he still really doesn’t like her crying – but I see love, every day.

She, on the other hand, has doted on him since the moment she became aware of his presence. She is already so protective and caring.

I can’t wait to watch their love and friendship grow.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Siblings Photo 06/05/2016

  1. So gorgeous – I can imagine how testing a newborn baby is for a child with autism! Hate to say it but you’ve got toddlerhood to look forward to 😉 Looks like he’s already more accepting though – children are amazing, no matter what difficulties they have! xx

  2. Awwww. My son has always been protective of his little sister and she has always been so excited to see him. I too can not wait to see their friendship grow.

  3. Aww this is so lovely! It’s amazing watching their bond grow isn’t it? Mine seem to swap and change all the time, it’s definitely my favourite part of being a Mummy seeing my children together. #saturdaysiblings

    1. It is so rewarding. Thanks so much for linking! I always love the pics of your gorgeous ones together 😊

  4. I’m sure they will have a very strong relationship and it will be lovely to watch it develop. Ethan had a terrible reaction to children crying and it was one of the things we worried about the most but thankfully he never had a problem with Little E. There have been moments when he thought he might have hurt her and we have had them both in tears at the same time which is always interesting. I’m so glad we gave Ethan a sibling #SaturdaySiblings

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