Saturday Siblings Photo 13/05/16

sand pit

I’m throwing a bit of shade in comparison with last week’s pic. Parenting is a series of difficult situations and decisions occasionally punctuated with moments of joy; it’s important to show the peaks and the troughs. 😉

We have been enjoying the lovely weather this week and the sandpit is always a big hit with both. Unfortunately, according to my son, the sandpit is very much his and only his.

“No. It’s my sandpit. I don’t want her to be here. Take her indoors!”

Shortly after this photo was taken he attempted to forcibly remove her by dragging her backwards on to the shingle. After a short stint on the naughty step, he apologised and promised to share.

We then commenced to enjoying the sunshine with only minor dirty looks cast in the littlest’s direction every time she approached the cherished sandpit…

Can’t wait to see the other #SaturdaySiblings!

Saturday Siblings


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