Her Favourite Things #2

Welcome to the second instalment of the regular series where I review and recommend products that my family are currently enjoying. This time I will be focusing on the things my sixteen month-old daughter can’t do without. Littlest is quite a different child to her brother and already prefers hands on action and active toys more than he ever did. She also loves role-play and soft-toys; she can almost always be seen caring for a soft toy or dolly. This appears to be something she just loves naturally as I do not particularly encourage her to play with certain toys and the vast majority of things she plays with were once her brother’s too!

#1 Teletubbies Talking Laa-Laa Doll

Littlest absolutely loves this soft toy . I haven’t quite worked out why toddlers love the Teletubbies so much. Sure, they’re bright and colourful and friendly – but what children’s characters aren’t? There can be no doubt that Little Bean loves her Laa-Laa though: she carries it around everywhere with her. It was one of the first words she learned and if it is out of reach she will point and say ‘Laa-Laa! Laa-Laa!” with increasing urgency until you fetch it for her.

This particular doll says a few phrases in Laa-Laa’s voice and is just the right size – not too cumbersome or too puny.

baby holding yellow teletubbies toy

#2 ELC Learn to Dress Lily

This doll is another firm favourite. Not only is Lily lovely and soft – she is also educational. Learn to Dress Lily comes with all manner of fastenings to help your child get to grips with dressing and undressing. Her shoes have Velcro and her dress has zips, buttons and poppers, amongst others. H is a little too young to be dressing herself yet but she is already fascinated by trying to undo some of them and has been successful.

Girl with doll

#3 Bath Ducks – no mould

I don’t know about you, but I am paranoid about bath toy mould. I check them excessively; many a bath time I can be found squeezing and peering, refusing to let the children play with them until I am sure they are clear. The slightest sign of mould and they go in the bin. Often it means replacing the bath toys every few weeks. That’s why these ducks are brilliant. Not only do the children enjoy playing with them but they are only £9.99 and are specially made not to let water in. Of course I still check for holes but they last a lot longer than the mouldy ones!

Bath Ducks with baby in the background

#4 Ikea Antilop Highchair

The Antilop Highchair is a big favourite in the highchair world and has been for some time. I have had three or four highchairs over the course of having two little ones and it is by far my favourite. Easy to assemble and pack up for travel, easy to clean, simple but stylish, and really reasonably priced – perfect! Admittedly, Littlest probably doesn’t care what she sits in to eat, but she loves eating and so she loves the highchair!

Baby girl in Ikea Antilop Highchair

#5 Lift the Flap 100 First Words

LIft-the-flap 100 First Words Book

This book has been an absolute favourite for both mine. The book is a great size, the pages are bright and colourful and lifting the flaps provides hours of entertainment for them. It really does develop those hundred first words too. Littlest will already point and shout ‘duuuu!’ and ‘piii’ excitedly at the duck and pig.

Little girl clapping while reading a lift-the-flap book

#6 Nûby Flip-It No-Spill Cups

Both my children had severe silent reflux as babies and, as a result, they were very reluctant to start drinking water at first. We must have gone through every type of beaker and straw cup on the market. But it was these straw cups from Nûby that finally meant both started to drink properly. It may just be coincidence that they recovered from their reflux when we introduced these cups – never the less, I find the design and the flip-over ‘lid’ that prevents spills really convenient.

Baby from above with blocks and straw cup next to her

And that’s Littlest’s favourite things for now. Check back in the future for more of our favourite things.

Disclaimer: this post has Amazon Associate links but the products in question are hand-picked by me and are genuine items that we own and love.

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4 thoughts on “Her Favourite Things #2

  1. Enjoyed this post! Ill admit Im not found of teletubbies after my brother was obsessed with it as a kid. But we love the flip book and the nubby products as well. Hope to see more of the series!

  2. Re the ikea high chair – we have one too and it has been for a spin in the dishwasher today! A deep clean every so often does it good 🙂

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