Saturday Siblings 27/05/16

two small children lie on the grass in the sunshine

This week’s #SaturdaySiblings post is a last minute one from just a few hours ago. It’s been a tough day for me with five lessons and loads of exam marking and admin. Plus it was year 11’s last day which always makes the children agitated and over-excited. Then M was off to play golf and so I had to collect the bubbas from nursery – simple enough?

Well, getting home from Birmingham is seldom easy at the best of times but with the roadworks and Friday traffic it took me over an hour and forty minutes and I was fifty minutes late getting them. Bad Mummy.

Then they both fell asleep in the car at past five o’clock. Never a good plan.

But we got in and the afternoon had turned into an absolutely beautiful one. Since nursery had just reapplied sun cream we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and have tea in the garden. This shot was taken as they enjoyed some grapes and malt loaf in the late afternoon sunshine.

I found myself feeling cheerful again. Despite the bloody M5.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Siblings 27/05/16

  1. Argh Danielle DO NOT talk to me about the M5!! I collected our new pup from Wales last week and I had to go for a certain portion of the way on the M5… NIGHTMARE! I could have screamed… not the mention that the M42 and M40 were closed at *just* the junctions I needed. Argh!! This lovely picnic is just the kind of thing I could have used when I got home to make the trip less frustrating. My kids adore eating out in the sunshine, I often find it helps lift the mood and the fresh air makes us all sleep better right? H x

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