Saturday Siblings 03/06/16

A baby plays on the beach with a toddler in the distane

Our trip to Essex over half-term involved a strong mix of emotions and this picture sums it up entirely – bright spots of joy on an otherwise dreary beach.

We were visiting my grandmother who is very poorly but it was lovely to go out for some interesting day trips and see cousins and relatives that we don’t see as often as we would like. As well as visiting the beach at Holland-on-Sea, we got to see Jimmy’s Farm and Clacton Pier. We also had some lovely meals and fun exploits in my aunt’s garden with lots of cousins; a house with six children who are five and under is never dull!

Even though the beach was not at its best for photos in the overcast weather, I really like something about this shot. Littlest was absolutely delighted by every single pebble on the beach and lifted them all up for inspection, in between trying to eat several.

Biggest, as is often the case, was in his own world, whirling about in the distance, dawdling behind, staring out at the sea with his great big blue eyes and quizzical expression.

This photo somehow catches those moods and their different reactions so well.

Featured Photos

It is getting harder and harder to pick pictures to be featured for #SaturdaySiblings. There were so many that I loved. However, here are this week’s chosen four pictures.

First up is Jane from The Wrong Kind of Snow Blog who you can also find on Instagram as pearliejqueen. I just love the relationship that can be seen in this shot. Even though we can’t see faces, I think the adoration of the younger sibling and the guidance and maturity of the older sibling shine through. Thanks for sharing with us.

feature - siblings on beach

Next up is Shaney from i Mummy Blog who you can also find on Instagram at imummyimummy. This is such a cute photo. I love the little sofa they are sitting on and the way Big Sis is whispering something conspiratorially… hopefully not up to mischief! Adorable.

Siblings on a sofa

Then we have this gorgeous shot from Louise at Little Hearts Big Love who you can find on Instagram at littleheartsbiglove. The pictures that Louise shares of her two girls are always gorgeous. I love the selective focus on this shot – it really emphasises the two of them in their own little world, holding hands. Just perfect.

Siblings holding hands

Finally, we have Natalie from memeandharri who you can also find on Instagram at memeandharri. The blurred focus in this shot is also so effective. Somehow it gives the atmosphere of those hazy Summer days that seemed to last forever when you were a small child. There’s a sense of nostalgia and perfectly captured childhood adventures. And the matching hats and dresses are just beautiful.

sisters in dresses

Thanks to all our featured #SaturdaySiblings posters and to everyone who took part last week. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from this week over the next few days.

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