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DoodleMaths is an award-winning app to help build your child’s confidence in Maths. One of the absolutely amazing things about DoodleMaths is that the program uses adaptive algorithms in order to learn and grow with your child; it assesses their strengths and weaknesses and selects questions in order help them develop in the needed areas, and at the right pace for them – just like a tutor would. Not only this, but it is fully aligned with the National Curriculum.


DoodleMaths also comes in a range of abilities. We were given the Early Primary version to try, which is aimed at 4-7 year-olds. DoodleMaths also has versions for 7-11 year-olds and 12+ year-olds.

Biggest loves anything on the tablet and so as soon as I showed him the app he was desperate to try it. I had already set it up, using what I know about his Maths ability so far, and so I set him off trying his ‘Five a day’ – this is a great aspect of the app. It is a short series of questions (five, as you might guess!) that you complete every day in order to earn rewards and unlock other aspects of the app like games and building your own robot.

Biggest enjoying Doodlemaths


‘Five a day’ is quick enough that it easily held his attention despite being only just four and at the lower limit of the age range for the app. He did find some of the questions quite challenging – mostly because he cannot read yet and the voice that reads the questions is a little robotic. However, there were plenty of questions he could complete easily, like identifying numbers and sliding the correct shape to the right place – and he was absolutely thrilled by moving things on the screen and when it said ‘well done’ when he answered correctly.

Biggest enjoying Doodlemaths

As well a the ‘Five a day’ section, your child can also use the ‘New’ section to look at a new lesson or piece of information to build on their lessons. As they learn, they collect ‘Doodlestars’ which allows them to purchase equipment for their ‘robot’.



The app also has a ‘My Doodles’ section, which allows them to have some fun after completing their Maths activities by using an art app to draw and doodle (in case you were wondering where the Doodle in DoodleMaths comes from!) Here is Biggest’s first masterpiece:


The other great thing about DoodleMaths – as well as the fact that it grows with your child, and is available at every stage of their education, right from primary school and into secondary education – is that in can be used by teachers and schools too. If you are a teacher, you can sign up your students for DoodleMaths for free, here.

I think DoodleMaths is an excellent resource for any teacher delivering a Maths curriculum. Primary and Secondary school teachers alike can use DoodleMaths to support their pupils.

I am absolutely delighted to be able to offer one of my readers a LIFETIME subscription to DoodleMaths (worth £96.99). This is an absolutely brilliant opportunity, as DoodleMaths will be there to support your child’s Maths education and development long into their school journey.

Overall, we loved DoodleMaths. This is an app that will grow with us and be invaluable to Biggest in the years to come.

The competition is open from 12am on Thursday the 6th of October, until 12am on Thursday 13th of October. The winner will be selected at random from the entrants. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and see full terms and conditions. Good luck!

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Biggest enjoying Doodlemaths

This is a collaborative post with EZ Education, the makers of DoodleMaths. All opinions are my own.

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5 thoughts on “DoodleMaths – Win lifetime membership for your child worth £96.99

  1. Monkey has just started school and we are looking for ways to support his learning at home. This would be perfect for that. I love how they have additional resources will be letting his school know too.

  2. My daughter would like this as she loves maths and enjoys the online games and apps relating to maths such as TT Rockstars to learn timetables x

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