Teletubbies Magazine Review

Boy reading Teletubbies magazine by Somoene's Mum

The Teletubbies have been the subject of a fair bit of criticism in their time – both in the original series and their new incarnation.

But there is one reason I will always love them; for those twenty-eight or so minutes, both my children are completely mesmerised. I can have a hot drink or load the dishwasher. I can phone my mum. There might even be time to rattle out a quick blog post.

Love them or hate them, and even though they may be a little grating for parents, there’s no doubt that the Teletubbies gentle mix of bright colours and joyful play are a hit with preschoolers. –  Since I currently have two such creatures in my household, Teletubbies are here to stay.

Teletubbies Magazine

So when we discovered that a new Teletubbies magazine was about to hit the shops, and we had been invited to review it, there was excitement all round. Our first household reviewer was Biggest, aged very nearly four and you can see him interact and share his thoughts on the magazine in the video below:

The magazine is jam-packed with activities for you and your child to enjoy, independently or together. In addition to the expected stories and pictures, there were more than enough activities to entertain and entrance for a wet afternoon. A cut-out spinner for choosing physical challenges, a number line for counting and maths, special pages set aside for colouring and stickers for, well, sticking.  On top of that, and indeed on top of the magazine, there is a different toy each issue- this time it was a charming Laa-Laa figure with her own bed and blanket.  There is enough to keep your little one occupied for a long time and so, at £2.99, the magazine is definitely good value for money.

LaaLaa from the Teletubbies Magazine

It wasn’t just Biggest who was a fan either. Although Littlest was unable to follow and understand as many as the activities as Biggest, there was still plenty to keep her occupied. Laa Laa is her favourite Teletubby, and so she loved placing her in the bed, taking her out again and then engaging in lengthy discussion with her about what had just happened. She also spent quite some time looking through the pages and pointing things out with me.

Littlest with teletubbies magazine

We read the magazine together and she was excited to show me where the ball had gone point out each Teletubby in turn. Both children returned to the magazine several times over the course of a few days and spent time looking through it and asking me to read or do activities with them.

Littlest with Teletubbie Magazine

Overall, I think Teletubbies Magazine is great value, especially if you have more than one child in the appropriate age range. You get a lot for £2.99 and the stickers alone were enough to thrill Biggest and Smallest alike. Teletubbies magazine is on sale now.


Please note, we were gifted a copy of the Teletubbies magazine for the purposes of this review.

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