Muck Boots for Children Review

Little boy and little girl splashing in a puddle while wearing Muck Boots by Someone's Mum

Getting outside and enjoying nature, even in the autumn and winter months, is a real priority for us. This means the children have to have the right winter clothing. If you’re looking for high-quality, sturdy winter boots that will stand up to even the muddiest puddles, you can’t go wrong with Muck Boots.

The Original Muck® Boot Company was founded in 1999 and they make boots for adults and children that are designed to withstand even the toughest wet and dirty environments, while not compromising on comfort. As we like to go on long, muddy walks throughout the winter months, we were delighted when Muck Boots sent us some Boots for both Biggest and Littlest to try.

We received the Children’s Hale Muck Boots for both, in Orange-Navy for Biggest and Pink Zebra for Littlest. You can see how great they look below.

Muck Boots for Children - Biggest's boots

Muck Boots for Children - Littlest's Boots

As soon as the boots arrived I could tell that they were high quality. Over the course of the last few weeks we have tried them out in some of our favourite places to go walking, including Croome Park in Worcestershire and Pittville Park in Cheltenham.

The weather has certainly turned autumnal of late and there were plenty of muddy puddles and mucky places to test the boots out.

Biggest and Littlest enjoying their muck boots while out and about

The soles of the boots are extremely robust and durable. They also seemed to have great grip. We went for several long walks, over an hour each, with both children walking the whole time. They seemed comfortable and sure-footed for the duration. As you can see from the pictures, they looked pretty stylish too.

Spinning Biggest with his MuckBoots

Another great thing about Muck Boots is that they will be much warmer than traditional wellies during the very cold months. They are made from a special neoprene fabric which means they keep little feet warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. The Muck Boot company say:

‘The NEOPRENE bootie material acts as a “neutral medium” between the inside and outside temperatures. Naturally lightweight, and very comfortable, the material keeps the foot and lower leg warm and protected in cold and wet conditions.’

I think Muck Boots will be absolutely excellent for snow and I am hopeful that we might get some this winter. Neither of the children have ever seen snow. It would be wonderful for them to get out and explore in a real covering of the white stuff! Hopefully, if they are wearing their Muck Boots, there won’t be any cold toes.

Littlest splashing in a puddle with her Muckboots


We absolutely love Muck Boots. They will no doubt be cropping up in lots of our Instagram pictures over the coming months, as we get out and about, whatever the weather, in the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire countryside. The Children’s Hale retail at £49.00. You can shop for Muck Boots here:

The Muck Boot Company


*Disclaimer: We were gifted both pairs of Muck Boots for the purposes of this review. However, all words and opinions are my own and we only share products we love*


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  1. They look brilliant! I love wellies, but for winter we need something more as we get quite a lot of snow up here during January and February, so I always need to find something good for them to wear then. Will go have a look at the website now. 🙂 x

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