Gifts for Autistic Children – a Guide

Boy with Bluetooth headphones and sensory toys which make good gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum.

Buying gifts for autistic children can be quite a difficult task, particularly if you are a family member that doesn’t see the child every day.

Biggest recently celebrated his fourth birthday and we knew right away that traditional presents may not be the right choices. Children on the autism spectrum differ greatly, and so generalising is not always helpful. However, as Biggest received so many gifts that he loved this year, we thought it might be helpful to share his presents as a guide for gifts for autistic children.

Sensory Toys and Gifts for Autistic Children

Infinity Mirror Tunnel

LED Rotating Crystal Kaleidoscope

Infinity Spinning Top by Funtime Gifts

Liquid Showers Calming Sensory Timer

Sensory gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum

Liquid Showers Sensory Calming Timer from Gifts for Autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum

I can’t stress how much Biggest loves these sensory items. They aren’t traditional toys and therefore aren’t intended for very small children. This does mean that use of them needs to be supervised. However, he was absolutely mesmerised by them for several hours after opening them. Since then, he has returned to them every day. He finds the sensory stimulation extremely calming and so they are invaluable to me as a parent too. I think I might be carrying the rotating kaleidoscope around in my handbag whenever we go out anywhere!

Boy with headphones holding rotating kaleidoscope. Gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum


Philips Bluetooth Headphones

Biggest adores his headphones, as you can see above. He uses them for his iPod, tablet and DVD player and they calm him down like no other piece of equipment can. They tune out the chaotic, slightly frightening world and cocoon him in his own, safe space. But he did get caught up in the wires quite frequently…

His new Bluetooth headphones remove this problem, meaning the headphones are an even better tool for helping to calm him

Philips Bluetooth headphones - Gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum

Amazon Kids’ Fire Tablet

This may be Biggest’s favourite object in the whole world. Not only is it extremely child-friendly and robust, it also comes with the guarantee that if your little one breaks it, they will replace at no cost. The predictability of computers and tablets can often be a comfort to children on the spectrum and Biggest is no exception. He uses his tablet for games, music and videos. While we are careful to make sure he gets plenty of fresh air and other activities, tablets are a part of his daily routine and that is unlikely to change any time soon!

The Fire is the perfect tablet for younger children.

Boy plays on Amazon Fire Tablet. Gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum

 Boy plays on Amazon Fire Tablet. Gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's MumBiggest is playing some excellent games from EduGuru in the above picture – EduGuru Maths for 3-5 year-olds and the upcoming EduGuru English – released next month. Look out for a review coming soon.


Brainstorm Toys Space Torch and Projector

Space has been an obsession of Biggest’s for some time. In addition to this, he loves anything with sensory stimulation, particularly bright lights and colours, just like the sensory toys above. The space torch combines these two passions brilliantly!

Space Torch in packaging. Gifts for autistic children. Photo by Someone's Mum

The images projected by the torch are truly beautiful – I must admit I was quite mesmerised by them too. The torch would make a great little stocking-filler for any sensory seeker or space enthusiast as it is an absolute bargain at only £5.

 photo Fotor_147731753391491_zps97tba1wg.jpg

We hope this might give some friends and relatives some inspiration when buying gifts for autistic children. As mentioned above, all children on the spectrum, and indeed any children, are different. However, if you know a sensory seeker, one of these gifts many well be a hit with them.

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means if you buy any items after clicking the links on this post we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We thank you for your support.*
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    Alice Soule

    Fantastic list! My son would never wear headphones but I might try again now he’s a bit older (10) He loves lights though and is happiest in his room with his bubble tube and glow ball dazzling away in the dark. A x

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