Wicked Uncle Review – Brilliant Children’s Toys

Collages of photos showing Biggest enjoying his Wicked Uncle toys. Photo by Someone's Mum

The Wicked Uncle Challenge

Wicked Uncle is an excellent website that allows even the most inept and far-flung relatives to pick some absolutely awesome presents for your children. The Wicked Uncle Challenge is designed for those who may not know what interests your child the most. They may not have children of their own or see the child that regularly – that’s where Wicked Uncle come in. The site is jam-packed with the coolest of presents for children of all ages.

One of the best things about the Wicked Uncle site is the way the toys are organised:

Wicked Uncle Site

You can sort the toys by age, gender and interests in order to make sure you select the most suitable gift possible.

Our Challenge

Our ‘Wicked’ relatives were Uncle S and Auntie J, who live a very long way away in Canada. They have no children of their own and only get over to visit us every few years.

Uncle S and Auntie J in Canada

Look at those care-free, well-rested smiles…

(For anyone who notices how much Uncle S looks like daddy, they are identical twins.)

Their subject was Biggest and his 4th birthday was the occasion. There is also the complicating factor that Biggest is autistic and often doesn’t play with toys in traditional ways.

Next, Auntie J and Uncle S were given a £40 voucher and asked to choose presents, from all the way across the Atlantic, and have them shipped from Wicked Uncle to us, ready for the big day.

The Results…

The toys we received were:

  • Lion Anisnap Watch (£12.95)
  • Light Stax Light up Blocks – 36 piece set (£29.95)
  • Space Torch and Projector (£6.95)

A package from Wicked Uncle

Lion watch from Wicked Uncle


Light up blocks from Wicked Uncle

Space torch from Wicked Uncle

Space torch images - from Wicked Uncle


The light up blocks and space torch were huge successes. Biggest is a sensory seeker and therefore loves anything with lights and movement. He also enjoyed the watch. Biggest is too small to read the time yet but he is fascinated by the concept and loved the fact that he could wear a watch “just like mummy and daddy.” I also think the watch makes a great educational toy as, even though he can’t tell the exact time yet, he was very curious about the watch face and asked lots of questions about the numbers and how you tell the time.

Biggest and his Lion Watch from Wicked Uncle

Overall, the Wicked Uncle site and their toys are an absolutely brilliant resource for anyone who struggles to buy presents for children. The toys came in lovely bright wrapping paper and so Wicked Uncle really can make sending unique and charming toys an effortless experience.

Finally, my sister-in-law mentioned that her work colleagues saw the site while she was browsing and many remarked how it had some of the coolest toys they had ever seen. I think, perhaps, you could even consider buying some adults toys from Wicked Uncle. There is something to satisfy the wonder and curiosity of the big kid in all of us.

Check out the Wicked Uncle website.

*We received a £40 voucher to purchases toys for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions are my own*

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5 thoughts on “Wicked Uncle Review – Brilliant Children’s Toys

  1. I bought the wall climbing car from you for my grandson as a Christmas present. Item ref FY-350. Customer ref 420690-0.
    We were very disappointed that the vacuum mechanism did not work. Full instructions have been followed by ” grown ups ” and children to no avail.
    Would you please arrange a refund.
    We bought this after seeing it advertised on This Morning.
    Thank goodness we had other gifts for our grandson.
    I await a speedy response.

    1. Hello. Sorry. I am nothing to do with the company Wicked Uncle. I am just a mum who reviewed their toys. You will have to take it up with them! Sorry you had a bad experience. Ours was great.

  2. This sounds brilliant! I love that you conducted an experiment this way so that you could report back, it’s made for a really helpful review.

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