Make Winter Wonderful with Organic Cotton Children’s Clothes

Children playing in organic cotton as if it were snow

As we move ever closer to winter, many of us will be looking to update our child’s wardrobe before the weather gets too much colder. Organic cotton children’s clothes have become more readily available in recent years. Many high street shops have now started stocking organic kids clothing, albeit in limited numbers. When you come across these ethical and adorable items, though, it’s best to stock up!

Why should I buy organic cotton clothes for my kids?

Buying organic cotton children’s clothes is beneficial for a number of reasons . Garments made from organic cotton are soft, hypoallergenic and free of any nasty chemicals.

A lot of people assume that regular cotton clothing is a safe, natural product to buy. However, what many don’t realise is that the cotton industry is heavily polluted. The mainstream fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, second only to oil, with the cotton industry accounting for 16% of the world’s chemical insecticide releases. That’s more than any other single crop.

Organic cotton production, on the other hand, is a far cleaner and ethical affair, both in terms of environmental pollution and the welfare of workers.

Organic cotton clothes are super soft, snuggly and strong!

Organic cotton isn’t only safer for your children; it’s also stronger, more durable and so much softer. When you compare organic cotton clothes to cheaper, non-organic cotton products, the quality and softness of the fabric is striking.

What’s more, organic cotton garments can last for 100 washes or more before the fabric begins to break down. Their non-organic counterparts tend to last 10-20 washes before you begin to notice differences in their texture and durability.

Raising ethical babies, starting with their clothes

As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly more conscious about where we spend our money. The value of ‘the ethical pound’ continues to increase.

In 2015, the overall value of the UK ethical market grew from £35 billion to £38 billion, showing a continued commitment from consumers to support more ethical products and services. That’s despite many people actually having less disposable income to spend.

Buying fair trade products like organic cotton children’s clothes is one way to project ethical consumerism to your kids, because it contributes to sustainable environmental practices, stimulates a growing economy and fosters empowerment.

By making a commitment to buy fair trade kids clothing and by educating your children about where their clothes, food and other consumables come from, you are taking a positive step to raising conscious, ethically minded babies. This gives your little ones every chance grow up to be conscious, ethically minded adults with the knowledge and power to make better consumer choices.

*This is a collaborative post with Sense Organics*

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One thought on “Make Winter Wonderful with Organic Cotton Children’s Clothes

  1. We have always had a few organic cotton clothes and liked them. They have been hard wearing. I would like to buy all my son’s clothes organic, but to keep costs down we have just gone for a few.

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