The result is the result. So stop complaining.

Trump raising his arms in triumph

A result is a result. So stop complaining.

People said it after Brexit. People are saying it today. And it enrages me.

Democracy is a beautiful thing. It has flaws, as any system of government will, but there is no better alternative; in fact, all the alternatives are much, much worse.

But a blind love for democracy, and a refusal to see, or to over simplify those flaws, is no excuse for staying quiet about electing Trump.

We should not stop complaining. We should not ‘suck it up’ and ‘accept democracy’. We should not ‘stay quiet’ about issues that ‘don’t affect us’. Because electing that vile man has set humanity back seventy years. Because people said those kinds of things in Germany in the 1930s.

Democracy was not perfect then, and it isn’t now. And ignoring the fact that others have chosen to elect a bigot will never work out well.

A rich, white, privileged, misogynistic, racist, uneducated, ill-informed, ignorant and frankly abhorrent human being is the most powerful man on earth.

During this campaign, I have heard Trump lie outrageously, heard him admit to sexual assault, heard him make derogatory remarks about Mexicans, disabled people, women. I have heard him admit on television that he deliberately avoids paying taxes, and he thinks it makes him clever.

I have seen him reveal ignorance about almost every aspect of the position he now holds. I have seen him inarticulate, bullying and aggressive in the face of those who criticise him.

It is true that just complaining solves nothing. It is true that Trump will likely remain president whether I am angry and saddened or shouting for joy. But if you respect democracy, if you hold up freedom of speech as something to be treasured, then please don’t tell me to ‘suck it up’ and ‘move on’.

Because the only way we can fight the flaws of democracy, to ensure they don’t make the whole process a mockery of itself, is to cast out ignorance, to eradicate hate.

And no one ever did that by staying quiet.

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9 thoughts on “The result is the result. So stop complaining.

    1. You are welcome lovely. Scary times. But we should never be made to feel like we should stay silent in the face of such events. xx

  1. YES! Yes! This is so right. No one ever learned anything or moved on or got results from staying quiet! This is just exactly what I think. It was so, so shocking to learn that other women had voted for him, I was like, really, how can you condone the things he’s said? How can you accept that as a woman?

  2. Yes! Well said! And even more maddening that he actually didn’t win the popular vote anyway. He only won because of the outdated electoral college system! The only good thing to come out of this is that I already feel more people are getting interested and involved in politics and issues that really matter. People are realising that their opinions matter and that their voice should be heard. I only hope that this can lead to something positive in the world. x

  3. Perfectly put. I have let a friend who is also a political blogger into my home ad he is homeless and thought it would help me out. He was a trump fan and fans of a lot of this extreme movement thays happening. Its lead me to write a post which is scheduled for thursday. Its a scary world and only people willing to talk will make a change however much people tell us to be quiet.

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