Vileda Windomatic cordless window vacuum – a review

When you live with toddlers, everything below waist height is covered in grubby little hand prints. Juice, cream-cheese, jam, toothpaste, snot -if it can be spilled or smeared on some surface, Biggest and Littlest have got it covered. That’s why I knew we had to try the Vileda Windomatic when we were contacted in order to review the product.

Vileda Windomatic


The Windomatic is a cordless window vacuum cleaner and claims to be a quick and easy way to get a streak-free finish for tasks such as: washing your windows; removing condensation; wiping steamed mirrors and even cleaning up spills. The suction power runs across the whole of the wiper blade and removes water from windows efficiently. It leaves no drips and no need to polish afterwards. It’s so good at getting every drop of moisture that you can even suck up spilled drinks.

Windomatic spilled drink before and after

Windomatic – Pros

The Windomatic can genuinely suck up moisture completely, as the above video shows. There is something hugely satisfying about watching it in action. We put the Windomatic to the test on every surface we could think of – laminate floors, car windows, mirrors, shower cubicles, and patio doors. It really does give a great finish and it’s claims about being streak-free are pretty accurate.

Windowmatic on mirrors

Windowmatic on car windows

vileda Windomatic on windows


Above all, the Windomatic is extremely quick and easy. You would think the hassle of having to go and get a machine to deal with spills and smears might mean this was the sort of product that gets used once and then put in a cupboard. In this case, I don’t think this is true. It is very light and easy to manoeuvre and even quite fun to use. Next time one of the children spills juice all over the laminate floors it will be the Windomatic that I reach for, not the kitchen roll.

All you need to get a clean, streak-free surface is a charged Windomatic. You can dispense with cloths, sprays and elbow-grease – for this reason it is just more convenient that the other options.

Windomatic – Cons

There are some downsides which mean that you may not get a perfect finish with some tasks. Although light, the Windomatic is relatively bulky. It is a little difficult to move in tight spaces like the inside of the car. In these instances, it is quite hard to get into corners and nooks.

Inside the car with Vileda Windomatic

In addition, due to attempts to minimise the size of the device, the Windomatic does not have a huge tank for liquid. It copes well when removing condensation only but with spills and wetter surfaces you do have to empty the tank quite regularly.

Finally, it should be noted that the Windomatic is not designed to actually remove stains and smears. If you are cleaning windows, for example, you need need to put in some work removing any muck and grime first.


The Windomatic is light, quick and easy to use. It retails at only £49.99, which is a bargain for a nifty piece of equipment. It doesn’t get perfect results but the quality of finish for the relative lack of effort makes it really worthwhile. I expect that ours will get regular use. It certainly won’t be consigned to the back of a cupboard for all eternity.

Windomatic and box

*Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post and we were sent the Vileda Windomatic for the purposes of an honest review. All words and opinions are my own*

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