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On the 6th of January, 2016, exactly one year ago, I published my first blog post. It was called ‘Loving Two’ and during its first month of publishing, it received a total of 251 views.

Of course, numbers mean nothing. The true value of what Someone’s Mum has given me cannot be measured. It has given me hope and peace of mind. It has connected me to people all over the world who have shared some part of my experience. It has helped me raise autism awareness and acceptance. It has given me time with my children. It has given me passion and enthusiasm for a new career. It has given me friends.

The impact these wonderful things have had on my quality of life is not shown in the numbers. Never the less, numbers are interesting – and I always love reading about other bloggers’ reports and statistics. I guess we are all naturally a bit nosy. So here are a few of the numbers I have hit in my first year of blogging. All numbers accurate at the time of writing and were mostly found through Google Analytics and social media analytics.

A year of Someone’s Mum

Total pageviews: 301, 373

Total unique users: 227, 202

Total number of posts: 140 (if you count this one)

Total number of comments: 2,710

Total AdSense earnings: £134.58

Top 3 posts

Teaching: a family unfriendly profession – 102,467 views

An apology to my autistic students – 49,945 views

Autism? More like bad parenting – 21,010 views

Tots 100 Ranks

December 2016 22 No Change 0
November 2016 22 Up 72
October 2016 94 Down 4
September 2016 90 Down 27
August 2016 63 Up 39
July 2016 102 Up 206
May 2016 308 Up 273
April 2016 581 Up 68
March 2016 649 Up 321
February 2016 970

Social Media Followers

Facebook – 1775

Twitter – 13,560

Instagram – 28,062

Pinterest – 2,994

YouTube – 151

Top 3 Instagram Pictures with Highest Engagement



Part fairy, part regional manager. All awesome. #ig_autism #spectrum_inspired  #childofig

A photo posted by Danielle 🌼 (@someone_s_mum) on


I don’t know what the ducks did… but I wouldn’t want to be them. #littlebellows #UnPocoDeTodoUk

A photo posted by Danielle 🌼 (@someone_s_mum) on

Top 10 ways people found my posts

  1. Facebook referrals: 142,402
  2. Direct (typing direct or from some emails): 15,507
  3. Twitter referrals: 9,625
  4. Organic search (Google): 6,594
  5. Mumsnet referrals: 6,207
  6. Babycentre referrals: 2,262
  7. Instagram referrals: 1,424
  8. StumbleUpon referrals: 1,276
  9. Referrals from the TES: 1,206
  10. A Moment With Franca #KCACOLS : 635

Top Tweet

I have tweeted 17,464 times

I have been mentioned by others 10,020 times

My top mention:

Most Popular Facebook Post

Reached 42,699 people

So there we have it. I am proud of my achievements in a relatively small space of time. I am looking forward to whatever the second year of Someone’s Mum will bring.

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11 thoughts on “Someone’s Mum: A Year in Numbers

    1. Thank you Lisa! I doubt I will match the numbers in my second year but still pretty proud of how I have grown ☺

  1. I was so surprised to find you had only been blogging a year, well done. You’re stats are amazing and your open letter made me so angry at that man and sad for you and your boy. Carry on the good work.

  2. You should be proud of your accomplishments! Passion plus hard work are the key. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

  3. Absolutely amazing stats and achievements in one year. Hope you have a see celebration tonight! You’re awareness and passion shines through, good luck for year 2!!

    Lynne xx

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