Stigu Planner Review and Double Giveaway

Stigu Planner in use with stickers and notes

I have never been a massively organised person. I get by in a kind of chaotic whirlwind of important pieces of paper, mostly filed under the system of ‘piles of stuff’. When I was a teacher, my planner was the only thing that kept me on the straight and narrow. I had been feeling the absence of a planner to keep me in line quite keenly. When Stigu contacted me to ask me to try out their 2017 Stigu Planner range, I was thrilled.

Stigu Planner Flatlay

With Stigu, you get more than just a planner. As well as being a yearly organiser, a calendar, a to-do pad, and a notebook, a Stigu planner is also a sanity-saving rest and zest handbook, all in one. Stigu products aim to help even the busiest jugglers get organised but they also prioritise rest and well-being. Each day, you are given helpful hints and steps to become a less-stressed, more rested you.

In addition, the Stigu Planner is beautifully designed to include quirky illustrations and cartoons. Planner bundles also come with gorgeous, colour-coordinated stickers which add another element of fun to your organising efforts. They are the perfect balance between fun and functionality.

Stigu Planners

Stigu Planner – Verdict

Stigu Planners are full of lovely little touches that make the planning experience fun and creative. There is a pocket at the back for small loose documents. I loved the fact that each page comes with a perforated, tear-off corner, allowing you to find your place in the year easily. This would have been so helpful during my teacher years. I am sure lots of teachers will be all too familiar with the pain of turning over corners and taking scissors to the corners of pages every few months in order to keep your place. The tear-off corners are a little, unobtrusive touch that just make life a little less stressful.

The planner has plenty of room – both on the daily schedule and the notes and calendar pages. Personally, I could use some timings on the weekly sections, rather than five blank boxes per day, to make it easier to visualise what is happening when, but this is personal taste.

Stigu Planners

Even though I suffer from anxiety, I am not very good at practising mindful techniques like the breathing and relaxation exercises suggested by the Zest and Rest sections. However, the planner has certainly made me more aware of this and I am keen to try out the suggestions as the year progresses. The inspirational quotes and thoughts on each page are definitely uplifting and positive. Even if you don’t think such positive messages will filter into your subconscious, you will be surprised how just a sentence can genuinely improve your mood. One snippet of wisdom that stood out to me is:

“Stigu gives you a license to rest – and absolves you of all guilt.”

Overall, if you are looking for a planner, either for a gift or for yourself, I think Stigu are a great choice. They would particularly good for anyone seeking to purchase them for a workforce. They convey the idea that taking care of yourself is valued as much as hard work is.

Stigu Planner Bundle Giveaways!

We are very lucky to be able to offer readers TWO distinct Stigu Planner giveaways.

Giveaway one, enter via the Rafflecopter belowStigu GO Bundle including hardcover planner, stickers pad and to-do pad.

Stigu Planner

Giveaway two, opens at 2pm on Sunday 8th Jan on Someone’s Mum’s INSTAGRAM. Tag a friend and follow @stick_to_stigu – Stigu FUN Bundle including  spiral-bound planner, stickers pad and to-do pad.

For full terms and conditions relating to both competitions please read this document: StiguCompTermsandConditions

Good luck and happy planning!

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*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. We were gifted a Stigu Planner bundle for the purposes of a fair review. All words and opinions are my own.*

Stigu Planner


114 thoughts on “Stigu Planner Review and Double Giveaway

  1. I’m a plannergirl who suffers with anxiety and depression and it helps a lot to write stuff down and to keep organised. I love decorating my planners so it’s very handy that this is a double giveaway and you get the stickers too. I love my stickers lol

  2. I really need a new planner! With 4 kids, a full time job, and a full blogging schedule if I don’t write things done then I’m lost. I have yet to find one I want to commit to this year! Happy Sunday!

  3. Stigu can help me become more organised and rested by letting me plan my days effectively and keep to a schedule for tasks and reminders, so I will not get behind on my work and ensure I have enough sleep

  4. A new planner would help me organise my fitness regime and also remind me of dates I need to remember and meetings at work

  5. I love these!! I was torn between which planner to go for and in the end I went for a kikki-k, I’m so in love with it too! This looks so much fun though, I love all of the little stickers! #KCACOLS

  6. My life is cluttered and disorganised and my brain is like a sieve.,this planner would help plug the gaps and bring some order and calm to my life!

  7. a new planner would help me organise my new healthy eating regime which is my new years resoulution already cut down to 1200 calories a day and have lost 3lb in the first week and it would help me organise my two sons too!! x

  8. I have been eyeing a Stigu planner for a while now! They look super helpful, this is amazing giveaway. There’s so much within the planner that I believe will help me to be even more organised! I love how it’s laid out, along with the inspirational quotes and thoughts.


  9. I would be able to colour code all our activities and be able to keep on top of everything, instead of lying in bed worrying that I have forgotten something

  10. I love planners and the Stigu excites me as it looks a lot of fun. Love the fact it contains quotes and has sections to encourage you to rest as well as stay organised.

  11. I currently have 5 notebooks for different things it would make life so much easier to have everything in one book.

  12. This would be a God send! I am starting back work after 10 months maternity so I need some serious organisation to balance worklife and Mummy life! 🙂

  13. I would love to have this planner! It looks so pretty.
    I can only stay organised with planners and mine just expired. Seems like I am just getting more busy everyday and take no time for me. I love that this planner makes you remember to take care of yourself too.

  14. My husband has a huge number of hospital appointments for 2017 and as we both work a planner would enable me to make sure we are both organised.

  15. I have promised myself I am not going to have a year like last year. Everything was chaotic and I was so stressed and frustrated. I really really want to be able to be on top of things. (This may help!)

  16. Love it! Its so pretty and if I win one it means I can finally stop trying to print one off , they just never ever work out the way I want!

  17. I’m constantly panicking about appointments and stuff I’ve said I’ll do with friends – I need to remember and keep with it lol!!!

  18. I’m rubbish at keeping a planner or diary and the emptiness if a new planner can stress me out a bit. I love how this planner is set out and think I’d have less anxiety filling it with things to help me be organised.

  19. My new years resolution is to overcome my agoraphobia. A planner would help me keep note of my progress and see how im coming along. Little steps x

  20. All those pre-designed labels and stickers aswell as the exceptionally well laid out notepads would bring order to the chaos that is my life at the minute. I feel like I’ve started 2017 in fast forward/double speed? 😉

  21. This would help me organise all my appointments, I care for my mum who has a lot of health problems so we have a lot of appointments to attend

  22. This is exactly what I need in my crazy, disorganised & chaotic life! My New Years Resolution this year was to become more organised….I’ll probably start in February 😂 I think a planner like this will keep me on track and motivated to be organised and get my life together! Xo

  23. I’m a visual person so think this style of planner would help me enormously! I think it’s a brilliant idea to include the wellness/mindful tips too – that always seems to be something I read up on when procrastinating as something good to do but not as a daily priority, when it really should be. As my friend says ‘you need to look after yourself in order to keep all your plates spinning, otherwise it all comes crashing down’

  24. It would become my new best friend! A reminder service so that I can let go of all the lists and jumbled notes on the fridge door!

  25. The planner will help me oraganize and make use my time wisely to make my dream of passing the licensure exam a reality.i have failed once but i am willing to try again

  26. I love these journals and I love the feeling when I know that I’ve stated a time saving plan and it starts to work. Great review and giveaway.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  27. I have lots of doctors and counselling appointments and many others so this would help me out loads keeping me organised and reminding me on 🙂

  28. Having a lovely planner like this to jot down appointment times, birthdays etc would really help me to stay organised. I have a lot going on at the moment and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. This would definitely help me to feel more relaxed and stop me from worrying that I might have forgotten something 🙂 x

  29. I love these planners! I’ve seen lots of bloggers recommend them and I can certainly see why. As well as being very pretty (and I love the stickers!), they are so practical. I love that they have daily schedule pages as well as planning and list making areas, I’d be much more organised if I could keep everything together like this! #KCACOLS

  30. Stigu could help me get organised and rested by removing the pressure of having to remember things because it’s written down, and make sure I factor in things for my well being as well as all the tasks that have to be done! (love the “me time” bit :))

  31. I love to be organised and sometimes remembering things I need to do and when can be hard, I think this would really help

  32. This would help me have a balance of working, things to do at home, things to do for my family and resting.. this would help loads!

  33. I get up at 6am everyday as I have to do lots of tasks online for my work first thing in the morning. I currently do them from memory, but a planner would ensure that no tasks are missed, keeping the boss happy.

  34. Bright and colourful full of fun, ideas and inspiration for everyone, Stigu will assist, appointments wont be missed, Stigu and me will get things done!!

  35. With 3 boys who also do a lot of sport it can be hard to remember everything. I love that it reminds us to have me time too, it’s so important!

  36. This would help me remember weekly appointments and school events. I also like the idea of the inspirational quotes as I love things like that and they really help make you feel more positive x

  37. I occasionally forget appointments or double book myself both of which are embarrassing so this is a way of keeping in control and avoiding stress and embarrassment.

  38. I am forever getting confused about what day when and where. My girls have a busier social life than me. My eldest has a party every weekend this month. So this would help me keep organised on where/when/and what day we are doing things. So I can be at the right place at the right time. Which would relieve a lot of stress!

  39. I am a very busy mam of two and i struggle to keep up with all our activities and due dates etc. This would help me no end!

  40. The planner would help me to write everyting down in one place and would help me be less stressed as the whole family could look at whats planned instead of 5 different people asking me what theyre meant to be doing or where theyre meant to be

  41. I am really struggling to juggle full time work with meetings all over Scotland, a husband who works shifts, a 5 year old who has just started school and a 1 year old at a childcare centre. I can never remember what I meant to prepare for each day, who is picking up and dropping kids off, what to have for dinner and where I am meant to be…not to mention all the birthday parties that my 5 year old is invited to…throw in a dog and a cat…. arrgghhhh!

  42. I am trying to be more organised and this in my new years resolution. I want to be better at planning and sticking to my plans and instead of making plans on my phone calendar, which I don’t listen to I beleive this book with allow me to stick to it as I will always have it with me. I think this will help me be more organised in work, personal life and everything.

  43. I always feel better in my mind when I plan and organise things properly, it feels like everyday there is something good to be achieved so this would help a lot

  44. The older I get the more notes and lists I seem to have to make to keep us organised. It would be great to have them all in one place 🙂

  45. It would help me keep ion track of after school clubs – when subs are due and when im due to meet wedding clients too!

  46. After a stressful year and a toddler who doesn’t keep I think I’ve lost some brain cells . Anxiety and depressing don’t help as I’m always on edge feeling like I should be doing something or forgotten something . This wouldn’t be so helpful and appreciated xx

  47. So many things to remember and I always double book things as my memory is rubbish..with 4 children and various appointments and work commitments Stigu would be my choice of planner to get me organised and reliable again

  48. I desperately need to be organised this year. Last year I forgot so many appointments for myself and my children! We have 2 girls who always have lots of playdates, parties, activities, I have lots on with work, from meetings to courses to deadlines and that’s without adding all my husband’s appointments!

  49. I am completely dis-organised and I sometimes feel out of control which then makes me feel anxious. This would be great to be more disciplined, controlled and give me the HAPPINESS burst I need. Thanks for the chance xxx

  50. With 3 kids i would use this to get organised, to make notes of all the activites and hospital appointments as 2 of my kids attend on an almost weekly basis. i never stop.

  51. Winning would be a massive help in keeping me organised! My son has so many parties, playdates, and other appointments it’s so hard to keep track. I write things on scraps of paper which end up lost or thrown away by my husband. Having a planner to keep all our dates in one place would be great x

  52. I really need this in my life! I’m so unorganised and I feel like the stickers would give me the motivation to sort my life out! Like I child with a sticker chart, I really am that basic!
    Great post #KCACOLS

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