Healthy Snacks Box Giveaway with Chewy Moon

Some of the gorgeous healthy snacks for kids from Chewy Moon including the Jack 'n' Berries flapjack

Getting your kids to snack healthily isΒ hard. For starters, they are always hungry. My son asks for a snack approximately every fourteen minutes. Inevitably, it is always the less healthy options that he wants first – biscuits, mini-cheddars, and muffins will usually beat an apple hands down. When I heard about the great range of healthy snacks from Chewy Moon, I was excited to give them a try.

As well as including great mixtures of unusual healthy snacks to try, Chewy Moon also produce brilliant, character themed snack boxes. The characters are quirky and the boxes are jam-packed with interesting activities and information. They have a variety of appetising snack options to satisfy even the most ravenous post-school hunger.

Even better, Chewy Moon make each snack with healthy, vitamin and mineral-packed ingredients and no added sugar. As a result, they are great hunger-busters but they ensure that snack times can become guilt-free for parents.

A selection of the activities and information for kids found in Chewy Moon snack boxes

Two lucky readers will win a month’s subscription to Chewy Moon’s snack boxes. Check out the Rafflecopter at the end of the post to enter.

Chewy Moon Healthy Snacks Β – A Review

The whole family enjoyed Chewy Moon snacks – though some of the packs were much more popular than others. Biggest loves the ones that had more nuts and his absolute favourite was the Jack ‘N’ Berry flapjack. Littlest loved all the dried fruit varieties more but Biggest did not like those as much. Therefore, we think it would be great if there were more options to tailor snacks to each child.

Biggest eating Chewy Moon snacks

A surprise fan was my husband – a slightly bigger kid, perhaps, but certainly someone who gets very hungry after school (a teacher). He took several of the packs to get him through post-lesson marking sessions.

The children were a little too young to fully appreciate all the brilliant things that come inside the boxes. Never the less, they were really excited to see them when we first opened them. Biggest liked having the fact cards read to him but lost interest after that. Having said that, I think the activities would be brilliant for kids who have started to read independently and they brought a sense of surprise and excitement to receiving and opening the boxes. It was a bit like unwrapping a present!

Contents of Chewy Moon Boxes

Chewy Moon Snacks would be perfect for most children, but particularly those in the 7-11 age bracket.

Children enjoying Chewy Moon


Two readers have the opportunity to win a month’s subscription to Chewy Moon in order to try out some of their brilliant snack boxes. During your subscription, you will receive a weekly box of Chewy Moon goodies and activities.

Chewy Moon Snack boxes

Finally, to enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below. Please note, full terms and conditions are available to read via Rafflecopter. By entering the competition you agree to the terms. Happy snacking!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chewy Moon

*This is a collaborative post. Chewy Moon provided us with snack boxed in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own*

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84 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks Box Giveaway with Chewy Moon

  1. My grandchildren would love them any thing healthy is a good think they do like snacking on raisins and fruit

  2. Children’s favourite snacks are fruit such as apples, bananas and grapes etc. Yes I think they may like Chewy Moon. Like to provide variety for the family, aiming to provide filling and nutritious meals ans snacks.

  3. My grandchildren love all sorts of snacks, both healthy and unhealthy, grapes, tomatoes, cheese chunks, biscuits, chocolate buttons. I am sure they would love Chewy Moon Snacks as they sound delicious x

  4. Just to let you know the link to Chewy Moon sent me to someone else’s fb page. Not sure if it was the same for anyone else x

  5. i’m always looking for new healthy snacks, they like nuts/fruit and seeds so i’m sure they would love to try these

  6. My little guy loves his fruits – mainly apples, strawberries and raspberries so I’d think he’d really like Chewy Moons – especially the apple hoops. x

  7. I love how they used different animals on the packaging, looks cute. A great healthy snacks for kids, I’m sure they will love this πŸ™‚

  8. My son loves bread sticks or fruit as snack, I things these would be great at adding a little variety to snack time

  9. My grandkids snack.on anything and everything. Theybeat me out of house and home when im on babysitting duty. However i do prefer to veer them towards the healthy options. These sound great! Im sure they would love to try them x

  10. My children love fruit for snacks but do occasionally enjoy a granola bar or similar.. I do think they would enjoy trying the chewy moon bar !!

  11. My children’s favourite snacks are raisins, carrot sticks, yoghurt, fruit and cheese. I think they would enjoy a Chewy Moon snack

  12. Cheese is probably the favourite thing here, though these look brilliant and I know they would be enjoyed πŸ™‚

  13. Many thanks for running this great giveaway. I am trying so hard to get my daughter to have healthy snacks and this seems ideal. I think she would love the dried fruit (the natural sugars!) and the activities which come with each box would definitely appeal to her as she is such a good reader and very inquisitive.

  14. my kids adore discovering new snacks – things like fruity cereal bars go down well and I reckon they would enjoy the selection of chewy moon snacks too

  15. Yes I think she would love them. Although she loves fruit she would choose chocolate every time so it’s nice to have healthier options

  16. My kids would give them a try – they like their fruit but it has to be exactly the right ripeness, so these would be a perfect alternative πŸ™‚

  17. The children have fairly broad tastes and are usually up for trying something new, at least a tiny bite of whatever it is. These look great and I am sure they would appeal to them.

  18. My son loves snacking on fruit and vegetables. He will literally take a whole tomato or carrot from the fridge & eat it! πŸ™‚ He would love these for his lunch box!

  19. My children like fruit and brunch bars. They also like my graze boxes. These sound ideal as they are healthier and have fun packaging x

  20. My Son loves all food but my Daughter is a bit more picky. I think she would try these snacks as they come in such attractive / unique packaging.

  21. Six would love this, Two would probably turn her nose up at it then want it anyway because Six was eating it!

    They both love biscuits!

  22. Oh i have 3 kids, my special needs one is such a fussy eater, so i think they would be brill especially for my special needs son who doesnt eat fruit unless it if dried., they all like bananas.

  23. We love FREAKY FRUITS the name is cool and the fruit is one of our favorites things together I also like the energy Boost

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