Top Five Gifts for Exhausted New Mums

Gifts for Exhausted New Mums

Is your BFF suffering from sleep deprivation because of her beautiful new baby? Well, if you’re looking to rescue her from the grips of fatigue, take a look at our top gifts for exhausted new mums below.

The Perfect Sign for Silence

Getting your baby to sleep is no easy task, and the last think a new mum needs is a nosy neighbour or unannounced guest spoiling her quiet moment.
This straight to the point, no nonsense sign is exactly what she’ll need to lock the world out of her bubble of peace.

Amazing Aromatherapy

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After nine months of no spas, no oils, or anything that could possibly contain anything that could do more harm than good, all your friend needs is a little lavender to help her rest. An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a great way to promote peace and comfort as she tries to sleep, or at least make the room smell wonderfully while the baby screams.

Kick Back with Candles

If you don’t think she’ll appreciate a full on diffuser, then why not compromise with some candles for some simple scene setting? Lavender can really brighten the mood of your sleep deprived friend, and while it may not drown out the noise of a new baby, it will at least help her relax a little.

Offer up Your Services

What’s a better gift to a woman in desperate need of a break, than a free babysitter? If she’s really your best friend then watching her new born while she gets some well-deserved shut eye, or even just a moment to herself is a great way to make her feel refreshed, and more importantly, loved.

Load Up Their Letterbox

If you adore the new mum in your life but know that the last they need is the stress of a visitor right now, then why not load their letterbox with some amazingly relaxing goodies? Candles, chocolate, a face mask, anything to help her take some time for herself during this turbulent time.

Babies are a blessing, but that doesn’t make them any less exhausting. If you know a new mum who needs to sleep, why not give her a gentle nudge in the right direction with some goodies?

We at Happy Beds are dedicated to all things sleep related, and love nothing more than providing the perfect amount of comfort to anyone and everyone, new mums especially! If you’d like to take a look at how we can help, you can do so here.

Gifts for Exhausted Mums

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