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Today marks my eighth wedding anniversary. Last year, I talked about the seven reasons why I love my husband so much. This year, I am being a little more selfish. I can’t remember the last time I bought something for me – not something I needed, not something essential, not something I had to replace – just for me. When I buy clothes these days they tend to be entirely practical. Those eight years have not been particularly kind to my waistline. I find it hard to get as enthusiastic about clothing as I used to. So, when Simply Be contacted me to try something from their Spring and Summer range, and I knew my anniversary was coming up, I decided to accept.

The other thing that I rarely get these days is quality time with my husband. We live a long way from relatives – there is no support network and no baby-sitter close by. As Biggest has autism and our daughter is only two, there is no one nearby who we could really trust enough to have them. Occasionally, when grandparents are visiting, we may get an evening once in a blue moon. The last time I spent a quality evening out with my husband was Summer 2015.

But today, we have a whole day together. And, thanks to Simply Be, I have something nice to wear.

My Anniversary Outfit with Simply Be

Littlest admiring my Simply Be outfit

I chose this beautiful red dress from their holiday shop and a pair of ballerina style shoes from their flat shoes range. I have never been able to wear high heels and so these are perfect for me. The patent and bow details mean I can still wear them with a formal outfit.
Simply Be flat shoes

I was genuinely thrilled with my choices. Simply Be have been leaders in creating fashion for curves for years and they claim to deliver on-trend style that is tailored to fit perfectly – whatever your dress size. The thing I loved most about my dress, apart from the gorgeous colour and fabric, was the fit and, consequently, the way it made me feel.  I rarely find clothing that fits so well and has a cut that is so flattering. I will definitely be buying more from Simply Be in the future.

The beautiful fabric from my Simply Be Dress

If you want to see some glimpses of our anniversary date day today, you should check out my Instagram Stories. I will be enjoying some good food and some good company – and probably doing nothing but talking about Biggest and Littlest!

My dress and shoes can be found on Simply Be and are priced at £59.00 and £38.00 respectively.


Disclaimer: Please note, this was a sponsored post. Simply Be very kindly gifted me with the dress and shoes for the purposes of this post.


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