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ELC Trampoline Review Feature

If you are an autism parent with a sensory seeking child, then you probably know all about bouncing. For sensory seekers, bouncing is about more that just an occasional bit of fun and an entertaining way to exercise. Bouncing is a way of life. The sensory stimulation that trampolining provides can be extremely beneficial for children on the spectrum and it can become an obsession. Biggest loves to use trampolines but he can get overwhelmed by others being close to him when he bounces. He likes to be in complete control. This means that, although he loves bouncing itself, trampolines have also been the cause of a fair few meltdowns. So, when the Early Learning Centre offered us the chance to review an ELC trampoline, I knew it would be perfect for him.

The trampoline is the perfect size for Biggest to use on his own – and it is extremely sturdy and completely enclosed, meaning he feels safe.

We made a video of Biggest’s reaction to his new trampoline and you can see it here:


ELC Trampoline – The Verdict

We love the 6 ft enclosed trampoline. It gives Biggest freedom to bounce while making him seem safe and it is the perfect size for just him. In addition, the benefits of using the trampoline go beyond mere fun. As well as being excellent exercise, it is also a great way for children to wind down and relax. For children with autism, this is especially true, as the sensory input delivered by bouncing can be extremely calming.

The ELC trampoline took a few hours for my husband to assemble but it was not overly complicated or difficult, as long as the instructions are followed carefully. The springs were a little tricky to attach. It is important to make sure that the right springs in the correct positions from the start, as they are a little difficult to get out again, once in place.

Biggest on his ELC trampoline


  • Perfect size for one child aged 3-6
  • Very sturdy and enclosed so seems very safe – this is a big issue for us as Biggest has delayed motor skills.
  • Brilliant for exercising and sensory stimulation
  • Excellent price – they are available for just £80 on the ELC website at the moment (Non-sale price £100)


Biggest enjoying his ELC trampoline


  • Takes a little while to assemble
  • Suitable for only one child at a time (though, this was a positive for us!)

Overall, we loved this trampoline. I am sure Biggest will get lots of use out of it over the coming months.

Early Learning Centre 6ft enclosed trampoline review and video

Please note, ELC gave us the trampoline in exchange for a fair review. All words and opinions are my own.


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