Win a Beko Steam Generator Iron

A little while ago I reviewed the fantastic Beko Steam Generator Iron. I am never going to enjoy ironing but, if there is something that can make ironing easier and more efficient, I am all for it. The Beko Steam Generator Iron will certainly help you get through that pile of laundry a whole lot quicker and it is great value for money.

Here is a quick run down of the brilliant features:

  • SteamXtra – This helps to protect your fabric while ironing out even the most stubborn of creases. The plate injects steam at ‘criss-cross’ angles deeply into your garments.
  • Continuous Steam tackles even the most stubborn of creases.
  • Digital Display- This lets you know everything from when to descale to when water levels are low.
  • Smart Mode – This automatically selects the best settings for your fabrics, for when you’re not sure which temperature and steam intensity would give you the best results.
  • Compact Size – You can place the station anywhere you like, even on your ironing board. As well as being compact it is also much quieter

You can check out our full review and Top 5 Ironing hacks here.

The Beko Steam Generator Iron

We have been using our iron for several weeks now and, while I do not think I will ever iron more than I need to, it has definitely made things quicker and easier. It sails through smoothing even the most wrinkled of fabrics with no trouble. With daddy being a teacher and Biggest starting school this September, I will have a weekly pile of shirts and uniforms to keep crease-free. I am very thankful that I will I have the steam generator to help.

Win Beko Steam Generator Iron

One lucky reader could win a Beko Steam Generator Iron – just check out the Rafflecopter below. Please note, entrants must be UK residents as the prize can only be shipped to addresses in the UK. Full terms and conditions apply and can be found here and within Rafflecopter. Entering the competition means you accept the terms and conditions. Good luck!

The Beko Steam Generator Iron in action

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Please note, in my role as Beko Ambassador, Beko provides us with products to review and giveaway. Beko also gifted us the steam iron for the purposes of this review.

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203 thoughts on “Win a Beko Steam Generator Iron

  1. My top tip would be to iron your clothes whilst their slightly damp helps with thise stubborn creases

  2. Hang creased clothes in the bathroom when you are taking a dip or having a shower. The steam will help wrinkles drop out.

  3. Always hang your clothes up especially if wet and it will reduce the amount of creases 😀 if all else fails get someone else haha

  4. Hang washing as flat and stretched as possible to dry, and don’t iron anything unless it really needs it.

  5. Only iron when there is something good on the telly as watching a good film takes your mind of the boring job.

  6. I always fold my washing that needs ironing neatly when I bring it in off the line, it then goes into a storage box in the kitchen cupboard, when I can’t get the lid on I know it is time to iron!

  7. I don’t know whether this counts as a hack but mine would be to try to iron every day – don’t let it build up because it can seem so overwhelming if you gave to tackle a huge pile. So much easier to do a small amount every day.

  8. Get someone else to do it! Fortunately my wife absolutely loves ironing and wears out an iron in a year, so this would be fabulous!

  9. Don’t let it pile up! Use a powerful steam generating iron, it is so much quicker and easier than using a normal steam iron.

  10. To iron them as soon as they come off the washing line, as it’s much quicker. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  11. I’m not really found any hacks for ironing. My only advice would be, only iron what you need to (IMO you don’t need to iron pants, or bed sheets, etc).

  12. Dont let it pile up like i do, it becomes more of a chore, when you eventually get round to it, set the ironing board up in fornt of the Tv, and watch a film while doing the ironing

  13. I use fabric softener and empty the tumble dryer straight away so the clothes aren’t to creased, also don’t let your partner iron as he burned stuff onto mine so I now have to iron our children’s clothes inside out as it leaves black marks xxx

  14. Do little and often rather than face the ironing pile mountain once in a blue moon! You’re more likely to put it off if you let it the pilce grow.

  15. I like to use my iron for different things other than ‘ironing clothes’ 😉 One tip is to use it as a laminator press by putting it on the cotton setting and ironing a pouch and whatever you want to laminate inside a t-shirt 😉

  16. Put an ice cube in your tumble dryer
    Sounds crazy but the hard objects help knock out the wrinkles and when they
    melt, the added steam does the rest.

  17. Whether you are transferring clothes from machine to tumble dryer, onto a
    radiator rack on a line, shake it out first as it lessens wrinkles

  18. Line dry where possible to reduce creases and fold clothes after drying. The better they are folded the fewer the creases generally. Even if you are drying clothes on the radiators, if you fold them up before putting them on the radiator there are less creases and it is much easier to iron.

  19. Do it while you’re watching TV. Also don’t let it pile up, because it can seem really overwhelming when you have to do all of the ironing at once.

  20. I always give the clothes a good shake before pegging out & this seems to minimise the amount of ironing required.

  21. Iron as clothes dry. Don’t let it build up. Reward yourself when the laundry basket is empty.

  22. Don’t leave the ironing to pile up and fold the laundry once they have dried helps to stop creases.

  23. Don’t iron unnecessary items – can’t believe some people iron things like towels and boxer shorts!

  24. I don’t have an ironing hack, I never liked it, rarely did it. Buy fabrics that don’t need it, crinkly is good! My partner regretted the one time she asked me to iron some trousers for her as she was in a hurry. Didn’t turn out well, instead of steam I tipped water all over them. Oops.

  25. Pay someone to do it, although my other half said we cant justify that expense so i have to do it myself. Just keep on top of it, if you get behind its a dread!

  26. I now do the ironing whilst catching up some trash tv that the hubby won’t watch, it makes the time spent ironing go much more quickly with a distraction

  27. I always smooth out shirts as much as possible while still damp and hang inside out on hangers to dry. This minimises creases and also ensures I don’t get those annoying lumps at the shoulders when the shirts are turned right side out.

  28. I always hang all my washing straight from the machine, if it’s wet out I hang it from my curtain poles. Drops most of the creases out and makes ironing so much easier

  29. A little perfume in with the water makes the clothes smell gorgeous. Plus I always iron upstairs and put it away as I do it.

  30. Fold all of your laundry when its dry, it makes ironing easier than if its bundled into the ironing basket

  31. Dont let it pile up because youll just keep putting it off too the point u just end up ironing what u need x

  32. Have a husband that REALLY likes ironing! in all seriousness though I make sure that I smooth clothes out as much as possible when i hang them up to dry, this reduces creases which reduces ironing times!

  33. Delogate it to the husband!!! Otherwise have a spray bottle handy with water in to lightly spritz the clothes as you iron

  34. My hack is to fasten the top button when washing jeans. The bum keeps its shape and makes ironing easier.

  35. i always hang my clothes on their hangers to dry, reduces the creases ready for when you have to iron

  36. Try to do it at the same time as you’re doing laundry otherwise it just piles up and you end up spending more time doing it.

  37. I love the steam generators, my mother has one and they really make a huge difference over a regular iron, much faster. My top hack is don’t wiggle the iron around, especially when ironing fiddly items like shirts and blouses as you can stretch and distort the fabric slightly which makes it harder to get collars and cuffs to sit nicely.

  38. Wait till the kids are in bed then I see it as a relaxing thing while watching TV… Usually coronation street!

  39. Iron while washing is till slightly damp, if it’s too dry it’s harder to get creases out. I always pop on some good music and iron along to it or a drama that I need to catch up on as it makes it less of a chore and never let it pile up or it becomes overwhelming

  40. I used to own a steam generator iron & it really was so much quicker & easier but my son dropped it! I only bought a normal steam iron as a replacement (in case he broke it again!) so my hack would be invest in a steam generator iron.

  41. I iron while still a bit damp or make sure everything is hanging to dry straight to avoid too much creasing.

  42. seriously pay someone else to do it! or check out labels before buying. ironing my daughters clothes really drives me nuts lol

  43. Put a good film on – but not one you have to concentrate on too much – and the time goes really quickly

  44. Put shirts & dresses on coat hangers then hang on washing line to dry.
    That way there are less creases and sometimes I get a way with shaking them 😉

  45. Get someone else to do it. Fortunately I have a partner that doesn’t mind ironing so I get all mine done for me! 🙂

  46. A quick spritz of scented water to help iron out those stubborn creases and to help the clothes smell nice xx

  47. Have something good on the radio to listen to while you do the ironing – you forget that it’s a chore!

  48. I mix a tiny amount of my favourite scented oil & water mix into the steam well – It make my clothes smell amazing!

  49. I don’t iron unless I really have to, if you want a decent shirt ironing do it yourself because muggins isn’t doing it for you

  50. It’s not really a hack but I love to use that scented water you can buy to put in the iron, it makes your washng smell amazing

  51. I love fragrances so use fragranced ironing water to make the task less dull plus it makes the house smell gorgeous.

  52. I’m currently putting diluted Zoflora in the iron instead of ironing water. Not only is it antibacterial but it’s leaving our clothes and the whole home smelling amazing!

  53. It may seem obviously, but before you begin, sort your clothes into groups based on the temperature required. Then proceed from coolest to hottest.

  54. Always fold the clothes after washing and before ironing. This makes them easier to iron, and ultimately saves you time.

  55. Try hanging them on the washing line rather than indoors on racks and radiators. Hanging them out especially when windy gets more creases out, so it’s easier to iron them

  56. Invest in “wrinkle free” or “wrinkle resistant” shirts and pants. Problem solved!! 🙂 x

  57. Don’t leave it until you have a massive amount to do, try and get it over and done with by doing small amounts at a time 🙂

  58. shake the clothes hard to make creases fall out
    if ironing shirts hang on hangers straight away and iron while damp it takes half the time then ironing a dry creased shirt

  59. I use a ceiling clothes airer, and I find that I don’t really have to iron many of our clothes provided I straighten them out when I hang them up. I hang shirts on hangers when they come out of the washer, and this really cuts down on the creases.

  60. mine is to lower the ironing board and sit and watch TV at the same time I tend to get though it much faster this way and it doesnt seem so much like a chore either

  61. Urgh I hate ironing ! Get away without doing it as often as possible !!
    My only tips would be –
    Cheat where you can
    Collars then sleeves then body -shirts
    Hang clothes up after
    Damp tea towel under cotton helps shift stubborn creases

    Or just don’t bother lol

  62. Do a bit at a time.
    I usually end up getting all washing done in a few loads before the rain comes again so end up with a huge pile of ironing.
    It has to be the worst job in the world and so i do 10-15 items, do a couple of other chores and go back to it .I find breaking it up makes it slightly more bare-able.

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