Three Gadgets for a Perfect Family Breakfast

Three Gadgets for a Perfect Family Breakfast

Every Sunday, we have pancakes for breakfast. It has become an event that the children look forward to all week and often, when I go into their rooms in the morning, the first thing they ask is whether it is Sunday yet. On the one day a week when I can say yes, they are keen to get downstairs as fast as possible, shouting that it is time for pancakes. It is a time that I look forward to as well. Matt make the best pancakes and the children are happy and relaxed because they enjoy the tradition so much. This means that we can enjoy the perfect family breakfast every Sunday – most of the time!

We have been taking part in a range of challenges to test out some Beko gadgets and appliances and their Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, toaster and kettle are now an integral part of our breakfast routine. They have some great features to help create the perfect family breakfast.

I will be giving away the Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Maker, kettle and toaster in few days. Make sure you check back for the competition.

The perfect family breakfast with Beko gadgets

Beko Gadgets for a Perfect Family Breakfast

  1. Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Bean to Cup Coffee Machine has a few key features that make it really easy to use. Firstly, if you’ve run out of your favourite coffee beans but are still after a delicious latte, this machine can take coffee grounds too.  It gives proper, barista style coffee in all your favourite styles and it just as easy to use as a ‘pod’ coffee machine but with superior results. It is also self-cleaning. The automated cleaning programmes help you save time by rinsing and descaling the machine as well as cleaning the milk-frother. We absolutely love this coffee machine.

Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for the perfect family breakfast

2. Beko Temperature Control Kettle

You know those mornings when you start to make yourself a cup of tea but somehow it never quite happens? Or you remember half an hour later and the kettle has gone cold? The Beko Temperature Control Kettle has a simmer function that keeps water at the right temperature for up to thirty minutes.

Another tea problem that particularly affects parent is putting down tea that is too hot to drink and promptly forgetting about it. This kettle allows you to set different temperatures. This means you can make a cup of tea or coffee at a temperature that is ready to drink. I think this could potentially revolutionise hot drinks for busy people. The kettle is also very slick and stylish looking and has a great 1.65 litre capacity, rotating base and one button opening.

Beko kettle and toaster for a perfect family breakfast

3. Beko Wide 2 Slice Toaster

This toaster is really compact and stylish. The LED controls make it easy to use and it comes with a ‘bun warmer’. This means you can keep things like croissants warm. The wide slots will take things like crumpets and burger buns too. However, we did find that, although the slots are wide, they are not particularly deep, meaning you have to do the old trick of turning the toast over half way through. This is the only way to toast a full slice of standard size bread.

Bun warmer for a perfect family breakfast

These great Beko gadgets are now an integral part of our family breakfast routine. The time-saving functions on all three are invaluable, particularly to busy parents who might otherwise be drinking cold tea or instant coffee!

What would you add to make the perfect family breakfast?


I am giving away all three of these breakfast gadgets to one lucky reader next week.



Gadgets for a perfect family breakfast - a look at the Beko Bean to Cup Coffee machine and toaster and kettle and how they can help you make the perfect family breakfast.

This post is in collaboration with Beko. Beko gifted us these breakfast gadgets in order to create our perfect family breakfast.

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19 thoughts on “Three Gadgets for a Perfect Family Breakfast

  1. Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect’ family breakfast when 2/3 of the family are autistic? Three, if you count the dog. However, the smell of fresh coffee and not-burnt toast is tempting so I’ve entered your competition. 😉

    1. Ahhh pancakes are Biggest’s absolute favourite. So if any meal is going to be close to perfect then it is one that involves pancakes. (As long as you cut them properly and he does not have to wait too long 😉😊) Thank you 😊

  2. I’m currently looking for a new coffee machine and that Bean to Cup Coffee Machine looks fantastic. I currently have a Nespresso machine, but looking to expand my horizons so I can try more variations in coffee.

  3. Best family breakfast is someone other than me making it and clearing up after. A poached egg on toast and a slice of bacon and a hot cup of sweet tea

  4. We like to have Peanut butter & raspberry jam overnight oats, a slice of homemade toast with dairy free spread & a cup of green tea or my home juiced fruit juice.

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