Win a Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Kettle AND toaster.

Win A Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

Last week we shared our tips and gadgets for a perfect family breakfast. I am pleased to say that we are able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win all three of these very handy Beko gadgets. That’s right – you could win a Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, a Temperature Control Kettle and a Wide-Slice Toaster. These appliances are designed to take the stress out of breakfast time so that you too could be well on your way to achieving the perfect family breakfast.

You can check out our full thoughts on all three gadgets here. 

In the meantime, here is a quick recap.

The Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Temperature Control Kettle and Toaster

The Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine can take coffee grounds too.  It gives proper, barista style coffee in all your favourite styles and it just as easy to use as a ‘pod’ coffee machine but with superior results. It is also self-cleaning. The automated cleaning programmes help you save time by rinsing and descaling the machine as well as cleaning the milk-frother.

Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Beko Temperature Control Kettle has a simmer function to keep water hot and can keep water at three different temperatures. This means you never need to drink a cold cup of tea of coffee ever again – every parent’s dream.

The Beko Wide Slice Toaster has wide slots to toast tricky items like crumpets. It also comes with a bun warmer for perfectly heated croissants. Also, the LED display and sleek design will mean it looks stylish in any kitchen.

Beko Temperature control kettle for a perfect family breakfast

Competition – Win all three Beko Breakfast Gadgets

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning these great breakfast time gadgets for your family, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. Please note, entrants must be UK residents and full terms and conditions apply. Terms and conditions can be found here:

Beko Breakfast Gadgets T&Cs

They are also available in the Rafflecopter widget. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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247 thoughts on “Win a Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Kettle AND toaster.

  1. All of us together and no one having to hurry off. A nice relaxing start to a day…..well, I can dream can’t I?

  2. I love breakfast at the weekend when we are all together and no rush to get to work. We all love toast and jam and porridge

  3. Mum Dad & My Brother all sitting down together & each person having what they love to eat the most in the world 🙂 x

  4. A full English, the usual meats, with fried bread, mushrooms, beans, tea, toast, but the whole thing is less than 100 calories – well, you did ask for the perfect breakfast 😀 XXX

  5. Sunday breakfast – relaxed with time to make something different – pancakes, croissants, that extra cup of coffee.

  6. My perfect family breakfast would include pastries, pancakes and fresh fruit served with fresh, hot coffee for the adults and milk or juice for the children.

  7. The whole family together including my Husband who is normally away with work. Full English Grill up and lots of laughter.

  8. It’s a lazy weekend, with everyone around the table, enjoying cereals, pancakes with fresh fruit and yogurt, toast and coffee, there’s loads of happy chatter, and we are all very relaxed

  9. The best breakfasts are on family holidays when we can all sit together. Family breakfasts are few and far between outside of holidays as we’re all on different time schedules.

  10. My perfect family breakfast would be a full English cooked by someone else while sitting on a balcony somewhere nice and warm

  11. Our perfect family breakfast would be coffee and fruit juice as well as cereals, yogurts, fruit and pastries laid out in the sunshine so everyone could help themselves.

  12. Full English breakfast in bed on a rainy day with a feel good film on, no phones and don’t forget the hash browns

  13. For me, the best meal of the day starts with a bowl of cornflakes, followed by a bacon sandwich and a big mug of tea.

  14. my perfect family breakfast would be a lovely proper cooked english!! and perhaps a little bucks fizz for a bit of fun

  15. Muesli plus granola with plenty of fresh fruit on top (preferably strawberries). An all-time classic!

  16. My perfect family breakfast is french toast with scrambles eggs and a melon fruit salad. Some fresh pressed orange juice also.

  17. We only have it on someone’s birthday, because it’s naughty, but those sweet waffles lightly toasted and drenched in maple syrup!! Mmmmm. And we each have a glass of Innocent smoothie to drink with it.

  18. Warm summers day sat out in the back garden. Freshly ground coffee, croissants and a selection of local meats and cheeses

  19. A full english minus tomato and mushrooms, lovingly prepared by either my husband or the lovely staff at a cafe!!

  20. No dishes in the sink from the night before, quiet country music playing, freshly squeezed orange juice, strong black coffee and fresh French croissants dripping with New Zealand butter.

  21. Out in our back garden at a big family table with a canopy. Fresh fruit, cereal and yogurt with fresh orange in the sun

  22. My partner makes the best pancakes 🥞 he treat an us every Saturday 😍 I love them with Canadian maple 🍁 syrup and powdered sugar.

  23. Its perfect when we are all sitting together at the table, but foodwise we like a buffet style help yourself set up with lots of bacon, fresh breads, eggs, juices and yoghurts many thanks

  24. Egg soldiers, big mugs of tea and us all talking about our plans for the day! Also maybe a pastry or too lol

  25. a breakfast with a bit of everything, fruit salad, patrie, bacon and pancakes, where we all it round the table and enjoy.

  26. My perfect family breakfast would be just that… A family breakfast with all of us present. A full English would be on the table with lovely smelling coffee to top it off nicely!

  27. Sitting round the hopefully not squabbling.Enjoying fresh fruit,Porridge and toast.Whilst talking about our plans for the day.

  28. I am so not a morning person, howabout brunch instead, eggy bread, fruit juice and herbal tea. Yorkshire tea for others though.

  29. I love a semi healthy cooked breakfast with grilled mushroom, tomato, sauteed potatoes and beetroot, vegan sausages and scrambled tofu and a good quality freshly ground coffee!

  30. My perfect family breakfast would be one which involved no fighting or squabbling between then children, and them eating something other than sugary cereal!

  31. we had our perfect breakfast on holiday at the farm – collection eggs with the children and back to the cottage for dippy eggs & soldiers

  32. wake up naturally to the smell of a delicious cooked breakfast, fried eggs, toast, juice, coffee and all the trimmings, AND I don’t have to wash up!

  33. It has to be a full English breakfast, but to reduce the calories a little I would grill the bacon and have poached eggs but I will not give up the fried bread

  34. A perfect family breakfast would consist of a big pot of tea and scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toasted muffins.

  35. We are the same most Sundays we all sit round the kitchen table for our favourite breakfast. Pancakes crossiants bagels tea/coffee and fresh orange juice. Lovely 😊

  36. My perfect family breakfast is making smoked bacon sandwiches in brioche buns on Sunday with tomato sauce

  37. The perfect family breakfast would be where someone else cooks me bacon and scrambled eggs and makes me a bit cup of steaming coffee. All in silence!!!

  38. the noisy children are still in bed and me hubby and dog have bacon and eggs most mornings in peace lol x

  39. Hubby cooks me his special french toast & makes me a chocolate milshake. He actually does this for me a few times a year.

  40. Love having cold meats and cheeses with fresh bread or rolls. Everyone sitting and chatting together …..can go on into the morning so Best done at a w/e!

  41. I don’t mind what we would eat as long as it’s all the family together at breakffast time to me is perfect! 🙂

  42. A perfect family breakfast is leisurely with lots of options; danishes, cereals and a cooked breakfast option to suit each of us. We try and have a couple of these more indulgent breakfasts a couple of times each month and it’s a great way to start a day (particularly on a weekend) – the children love them!

  43. Overnight oats with fruit, honey & yogurt. So easy to prepare the night before and the tastiest/healthiest/simplest breakfast I know!

  44. All the family sat around the table eating toast, fresh fruit & warm pastries. With fresh juice & coffee to drink. If it’s lovely weather to be sitting in the garden enjoying it.

  45. My perfect family breakfasts are those when we are all together and have plenty of time to relax & enjoy the company as much as the food.

  46. i would say a fry up – preferably cooked by hubby, loads of red saunce and some toast to soak up the juices, followed by a nice cup of coffee for us and milkshake for the kiddies

  47. My perfect family breakfast has to be a full English breakfast with fresh coffee and toast for everybody.

  48. There would be people there whom I’m missing a lot at the moment, and we would have buttered toast, fruit juice and coffee and whatever else they fancied.

  49. In the summertime outside at the table, coffee and pastries for me, orange juice and cereal for the kids and tea and full English for my husband.

  50. My perfect family breakfast would be us all sat round the table with each having our own choice of food, but I would choose crispy bacon, runny poached eggs, beans and garlic mushrooms.

  51. We only have perfect family breakfasts one day a week and it is when we can all sit down together and eat rather than us all rushing round and me most of the time eating standing up!

  52. Muesli or granola with fresh frui picked from the garden – today it is blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

  53. During the week it’s a black coffee and a ciggie. and on the weekend it’s granola with yoghurt and fruit or wholemeal toast and avocado and a Bloody Mary.

  54. Eggs benedict for me, English breakfast for hubby, and pancakes for our little man and if we can sit down and it eat at the same time it really would be a perfect breakfast

  55. my daughter, my sister, my mum and porridge with blueberries, cranberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts and cinnamon with a skinny flat white coffee

  56. I love it when my husband does us all Eggy Bread! Me my two boys and my two girls and my husband all sat round watching Impractical Jokers together. We would sit round a table if we had room for one lol, in a small 2 bed home with 6 of us it can be a squeeze, but we love it! x

  57. The PERFECT family breakfast would be the big , but hectic family holiday fry up , though don’t think I would want that repeated throughout the year .

  58. Sunday morning lie in, followed by family breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice and pancakes with fresh berries!

  59. Perfect breakfast….someone to make for me pancakes, with bacon and maple syrup with a fresh pineapple juice and of course someone to clean up the dishes for me!

  60. a cup of coffee with a round of hot buttered toast an al of us eating together at the table at the same time…maybe one day lol

  61. We love breakfast pancakes with fresh fruit on the side – bananas, strawberries and grapes. Perfect weekend brekkie especially when it comes with a lie in and a hot cup of coffee x

  62. I love the buffet breakfast’s when on holiday or staying at a hotel overnight, not having to cook or wash up and begin the day on a high is the best

  63. We love a late breakfast/brunch at the beach. Even if it’s windy we wrap up warm with warm drinks! such precious family moments <3

  64. After 8am, family all together with a personal chef! Sat outside in the sun looking out over the ocean. All breakfast foods that you can think of!

  65. I love a breakfast buffet in a hotel, fruit and yogurt, then fry up with orange juice and coffee and ending in pastries. Even better that I don’t have to cook it

  66. Perfect family breakfast is fresh pancakes everyone likes different toppings. So I just stack them and they top them as they like! My favourite is nutella and strawberries. Orange juice is a must . A shot of vitamin c to start the day!

  67. Our perfect family breakfast would be my husband, myself and our 2 daughters sat at the kitchen table, enjoying home-made pancakes and maple syrup and some scrumptious French pastries, with orange juice for the girls and lovely strong freshly made coffee for me and my husband.

  68. A gentle background tune on the radio, all the family sitting around the table and a full english breakfast with plenty of strong tea and hot buttered toast!

  69. All of us together, fresh cup of coffee and a cooked breakfast, bacon, sausage, mushroom, hash brown and toast with loads of brown sauce yummmm

  70. Sorry! I just entered the tweet for the gas safety / voucher comp, when I meant to say yes, I’ve just entered that comp. We must get our boiler serviced.

  71. Oh with my three kids a stress free morning with us all at the table at the same time with egg and toast and strong coffee for me.

  72. All sitting around the table together talking about our week with a good selection in front of us and empty plates at the end.

  73. The perfect family breakfast is when we all sit together. And food has to be a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans/tomatoes and toast.

  74. Having the family sit down at the same time eating a nice full English breakfast with a glass of apple juice and then planning our day together

  75. Our biggest treat for breakfast is going to a nice cafe/deli and getting a full English with a decent coffee. Nothing nicer than not having to cook and clean up afterwards.

  76. We all love Pancakes with syrup and some chopped up banana! Some of us have a glass of milk, some of us have Orange juice or a cup of hot tea x xx

  77. A lie in ( 😭) cuddles and then making cinnamon sugar sprinkled french toast and a steaming cafetiere of coffee is a pretty perfect family breakfast for us!

  78. Porridge is ideal, healthy & filling until lunch time, but it’s nice to have an American breakfast at the weekend as a treat – bacon, small sausages, egg, baked beans, & toast – and if there’s still room a pancake with maple syrup

  79. Me and my little girl just signed for our very first house today and it has the perfect little balcony with just enough room for a breakfast table and chairs…….that’s our perfect breakfast sorted 🙂 just need the weather to be nice and the electrical to cook it up and we’ll be out there eating and watching the world go by

  80. My perfect family breakfast is when our daughter, her husband & our granddaughter come to stay with us, and my husband cooks breakfast for all of us. It doesn’t matter that he has to make different dishes for everyone, it’s just great to be with them.

  81. Well it would be, if I could eat it, croissants, jam and coffee, but as I have to have gluten free I have a bowl of sugar and gluten free cornflakes, soya milk, banana and nuts and seeds.

  82. Mine would be smashed avocado on wholemeal toast . Topped with a perfect runny poached egg and grilled tomatoes . Served with fresh coffee…bliss !

  83. My perfect family breakfast would be in a swish hotel with somebody else to do the cooking and washing-up (& with someone else paying for it!!).

  84. During holidays, when not got time restraints. A full English breakfast ate at our own pace. Sets us up for a day outdoors e.g. Exploring a new area, new venue, play park etc.

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