Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens – a Review

Cotswold Wildlife Park Review

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens has over 260 different species of animals and is one of the largest privately owned zoological collections in the UK. Set in 160 acres of landscaped parkland and gardens, the Cotswold Wildlife Park not only has a diverse and fascinating range of animals, there are also other attractions that make it extremely popular for families. The narrow gauge railway was a huge hit with Biggest and the play parks and gardens thrilled Littlest.

You can see everything we got up to at the Cotswold Wildlife park in this short video:

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens

Our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens was one of our most enjoyed family trips to date. The park is vast (quite tiring for little feet!) but there is so much to do and see. The enclosures are huge and you get a sense that the animals are as close to roaming freely as they will come in a UK based zoo.

The narrow gauge railway runs for a mile around the park and lets you take in the animals without walking. Biggest loved this part so much that I think he would have happily ridden it all day. It does cost an extra pound. I think it is well worth it to see the park and the animals in this unique way.


Smaller Animals and Gardens

When you first enter the park you can explore some smaller enclosures with smaller mammals and birds. This area is also surrounded by exquisite and exotic flowers. The meerkat and penguin areas are so open that it feels like you could reach out and touch the animals (not recommended!)

Penguins at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Exotic flowers at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Larger Animals

Unlike many of the smaller wildlife parks that we have visited, Cotswold Wildlife Park has a huge range of larger and more exotic animals. As well as the usual favourites of giraffe and zebra, the park also has some species that are threatened and rare, such at the Southern White Rhino. Watching the Rhinos grazing in front of the Manor House is a truly spectacular site.

On the Woodland Walk, you can find a number of larger animal species from South America including: Brazilian tapir, capybara, Visayan warty pigs, Patagonian maras and giant anteaters. Other enclosures in the walk-through include: Canadian timber wolves, white-naped cranes and parma wallabies. The entrance to the woodland walk is via a bridge over the lake, which has a wide variety of ducks and Chilean flamingos.

Large moated paddocks on the outskirts of the park are home to giraffe, a herd of Chapman’s zebra, a group of ostriches and Bactrian camels. In addition, the park’s big cat enclosures house clouded leopards and Asiatic lions.

You could spend a full day exploring and still not see everything.

Rhinos at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Zebras at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cafe and Play Park

The other facilities at the park are also impressive. There is a large cafe serving hot meals, though they are mostly along the lines of sausage, chips and beans. The children loved their meals and the prices were fairly reasonable. There is also a huge play park. It alone could keep the children occupied for several hours. When you add it to all the other amazing things on offer, it means that a visit really is value for money.

Cotswold Wildlife Park – Verdict

We loved the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. It a massive site set in absolutely beautiful surroundings. There is as much to do as other large zoos and safari parks. However, the prices are much closer to smaller attractions:

Adult £15.00 or £14.00 online
Infant (under 3) FREE
Children (3-16 years inclusive) £10.00 or £9.50 online
Senior Citizens (65 and over) £10.00 or £9.50 online

If you are looking to visit a zoo or wildlife park and can travel to Cotswold Wildlife Park, it is definitely worth a visit. I genuinely think it is superior to some well-known sites that charge double the price for entry. There is more to do and see and the animals seem happy and well-cared for, with a huge spaces to roam. We will certainly be returning in the future.


Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens - a review of the zoo, wildlife and gardens.


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