Half-Term Adventures with GoGo squeeZ

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Half-term is finally upon us and it has been a particularly challenging few weeks for us. Biggest has nearly completed a his first six weeks at school and I could not be more proud of him. However, it has taken its toll. We have been working hard to reduce his anxiety and give him time to relax and recuperate his energy. My husband is also a teacher and Littlest only attends nursery during term time. Therefore, half-term is a time when we really enjoy having quality family time and adventures together. The children are fairly snack-obsessed (who isn’t?) so it is always nice to find and easy and healthy snack that is easily portable for our half-term travels. We have been trying out some delicious yogurt and fruit pouches from GoGo squeeZ and they have been a massive hit with the children. Check out their video review below:

What did we think of GoGo squeeZ?

As you can see from the video, both Biggest and Littlest loved GoGo sqeeZ. There is something about squeezing a snack from a pouch that children will always just find fascinating. Biggest will always pick the fruit option (he loved the strawberry variety) and Littlest always picks yoghurt first (her favourite is the banana). Both have taken to asking for a GoGo squeez instead of some less healthy options like cakes and sweets.

GoGo squeeZ yoghurt and fruit

About GoGo squeeZ

The best thing about GoGo squeeZ is that they have no nasty stuff in them. All GoGo squeeZ products free from colours and preservatives. A simple pasteurisation technique makes it possible to preserve the pouches at ambient temperature without addition of preservatives. The yoghurt pouches are a great source of calcium and vitamin D and the fruit pouches are made with 100% fruit and are gluten free and kosher.

The pouches also meet the standards for fruit and yoghurt snacks in schools in England, Scotland and Wales at the date of manufacture.

GoGo squeeZ has been hugely popular in the USA for the last few years, but has just come to the UK this year. You can find GoGo squeeZ products in Tesco.

GoGo squeeZ varieties

The Verdict

We think GoGo squeeZ fruit and yoghurt pouches are brilliant. Both children genuinely love the taste and the experience of squeezing. Though, Littlest does need with squeezing the last bit from the bottom. The novelty of squeezable snacks is one which seems to always be a huge hit with younger children. These are no exception. These pouches will be absolutely invaluable to parents who find it challenging to encourage their children to eat healthier snacks or more fruit.

Happy faces with GoGo squeeZ - Biggest and Littlest smiling as they enjoy their snacks

The pouches do not need to be refrigerated before use and have fairly long use by dates. This means that they are very convenient to take out – whether that is out on day-long adventures or a quick trip to the shops. They have ‘helicopter’ screw-caps that are resealable and easy for tiny hands. They have an in-built straw, making them fun and easy to carry around. There is no need for spoons – perfect for lunchboxes where spoons go missing.

As half-term begins we are planning a few trips to help us enjoy our special family time – we will certainly be packing some GoGo squeeZ pouches to come with us. Biggest and Littlest are huge fans of their ‘Squeezy does it’ fruit and yoghurt!

Outdoor Adventures with GoGo squeeZ - a great new healthy snack range for kids in yogurt and fruit varieties.

This is a paid collaboration with GoGo squeeZ. All words and opinions are my own.


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