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Moana Cake Tutorial feature

Biggest’s fifth birthday cake was Moana themed. One of his great loves is Disney and Moana is one of his firm favourites. The cake looks great but the basic beach and wave effect is actually really easy to create. You just need digestive biscuits (smashed or broken up in a blender) and a piping bag. The icing flowers are a little more tricky to create but you could easily use pre-made sugar flowers, which are available in most craft shops these days. If you have a little Moana fan who would love a cake like this, you can see how I made it in our video Moana Cake Tutorial. For a full list of what you will need, see below.

To decorate it, I also used some brilliant Moana figures from Amazon.

Moana Cake Tutorial

Here is how I made Biggest’s fifth birthday cake:

Moana Cake – You will need

We used this recipe for the actual cake:

Easy Vanilla Cake

It is an excellent recipe for any birthday cake as the sponge is firm enough to take decorating but it is also deliciously moist.

I also used buttercream icing. You can find the recipe we used here:


To decorate:

This Moana cake was a huge hit with Biggest and would make a great addition to a Moana or Disney-themed birthday party. If you liked this birthday cake tutorial, you may also like our Ben and Holly Jelly Flood on the Moon Birthday Cake.

You may also like our Chocolate Planet Cookies, popular with kids who love the solar system and outer space.


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Moana Cake tutorial - how to make a Moana themed birthday cake

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