Mr. Happy Rainbow Spider – Our Dream Petplan pet

Dream Pet from Pet Plan - comparison of drawing of Mr Happy Rainbow Spider and real toy. His name pretty much says it all.

It seems that Littlest has something in common with Peppa Pig – a fondness for spiders and a desire to have one as a pet. Lucky for Littlest, Petplan recently approached us to be a part of their dream pets campaign. This campaign encourages children to put their artistic skills to the test by drawing their dream pet. However weird or wonderful, the only limit is the child’s imagination. The dream pet drawing is then transformed into an amazing soft toy for them to keep and treasure. This means that Littlest can have the pet spider of her dreams without the risk of scaring mummy or being banned in Australia. Therefore, we are very proud to introduce the latest member of our family – Mr. Happy Rainbow Spider. (Littlest was fully responsible for the naming too, as you might guess.)

A small girl with a large rainbow spider soft toy

Mr Happy Rainbow Spider

When pet plan first approached us, I knew that Littlest would absolutely love designing her own pet and seeing it brought to life. She loves animals and soft toys fiercely and drawing and painting come a close second – so it was always bound to be something she loved doing.

I asked Littlest what kind of pet she would like to draw and let her know that it could be as magical and creative as she liked. She knew that she wanted a spider right away and she drew the outline. I then asked her questions about which colours she would like and helped her finish the drawing. (At not yet 3 her creative vision was not quite up to the execution of the project but she made a valiant effort!) She told me that she wanted the spider to have a “very big smile” and “lots of beautiful colours.”

A child's drawing of a rainbow spider - the petplan dream pet campaign for pet insurance

You can see the drawing that Littlest and I made above. Below, you can see the final toy is all its glory. Littlest’s face when she opened the package and saw Mr. Happy Rainbow Spider for the first time was truly a joy to watch. She was absolutely mesmerised and he has not been far from her side since. I am so glad that we got to take part in this campaign because Littlest loved every minute of it. The final soft toy is gorgeous – so soft and snuggly and actually quite cute. He is an improvement on Peppa’s Mister Skinny Legs.

A stuffed spider toy with rainbow colouring

Pet Plan Pet Insurance

Of course, we have just welcomed our very own real life dream pet to the family – Willow the dog. Littlest was very keen to tell me that, though she loves Mr. Happy Rainbow Spider very much, she loves Willow equally. When you are responsible for a pet who is so treasured, pet insurance from Petplan is an absolute must. When we got Willow I actually arranged the top level of pet insurance from Pet Plan, because I know they have the reputation of being the gold standard of pet insurance. This was long before they approached me for this campaign – we are genuine fans and customers.

Our Springer Spaniel puppy Willow

Petplan’s priority has always been to keep the nation’s pets healthy and their owners happy. They are one of only a few pet insurance providers to offer genuine ‘lifetime’ policies. Petplan also works with more animal re-homing charities than any other pet insurance provider. In addition, the Petplan Charitable Trust has so far raised more than £7 million towards a better, healthier world for animals.

And they have made one little girl very happy with her new pet spider.

A girl hugging a rainbow spider soft toy

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.

Create Your Dream Pet with Petplan pet insurance.

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