Someone’s Mum: Two Years in Numbers

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Someone’s Mum turns two years old today. It is hard to put into words the impact that those two years have had on me. I have given up my career of a decade, learned new skills, met new friends and found a new career that I am passionate about. I love almost everything about blogging – the writing, the creativity, the way it inspires me to try new things and improve. I love being able to stay in my own home, look after my children when they are poorly, take my son to his appointments. I love being my own boss.

I love learning about photography. I love buying and mastering new gadgets. I love being able to give my family treats that we would otherwise never afford.

There are challenges. Working from home is never easy, especially when work needs to be done in a very short space of time. Mum guilt is still a constant companion – but I think that all parents will always feel that to some extent.

It is also fun to look back over what I have achieved over the last two years. Of course, these numbers only reveal a tiny part of that. I cannot record the messages I have received here, because they are not mine to make public. But if I have made one person feel less alone, if I have helped one person understand a little more, helped one person with a useful insight or information – then I could not be more happy with what I have achieved.

Through blogging I can provide for my family, fulfil my creativity and passion and reach out to people in the autism community. I can make a difference.

I am so lucky and so grateful.

Two Years of Someone’s Mum

2016 2017*
Total Pageviews 301, 373 659, 699
Total Unique Users 227, 202 421, 684
Total number of posts 140  289
Total number of comments 2,710  5994

*Numbers are totals for the life of the blog

Top 3 viewed posts of 2017

I am not a teacher

Fingerlings Unboxing Review and Giveaway (Entirely down to a popular toy being Googled a lot!)

To the new autism mum who just wants someone to say it will be okay.

Tots100 Rankings

Date Rank Change
December 2017 70 Down 13
November 2017 57 Up 5
October 2017 62 Down 2
September 2017 60 Down 2
August 2017 58 Down 19
July 2017 39 Up 27
June 2017 66 Down 10
May 2017 56 Down 4
April 2017 52 Down 22
March 2017 30 Up 11
February 2017 41 Up 8
January 2017 49 Down 27
December 2016 22 No Change 0
November 2016 22 Up 72
October 2016 94 Down 4
September 2016 90 Down 27
August 2016 63 Up 39
July 2016 102 Up 206
May 2016 308 Up 273
April 2016 581 Up 68
March 2016 649 Up 321
February 2016 970 No Change 0

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2016 2017
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Youtube Views: 25,567

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We are pleased to announce that we are potty training ambassadors for HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® and we have been having great fun (mostly!) while starting Littlest’s journey to wearing ‘big girl’ pants full-time. With the help of their expert, child psychologist and mother of four, Dr Heather Wittenberg, @Huggies have pulled together the most practical and helpful tips to help your child feel confident with potty training. We have known that Littlest has been ready for some time, as she has been showing all 8 Signs of Readiness from the Huggies 6 Steps to Potty Training Success program. The team at Huggies sent us a brilliant box of goodies to get us enthusiastic about starting our journey. (And my goodness, did it work. I think the bag and stickers alone will thrill Littlest for weeks to come!) Each item will help to support the steps in our potty training journey. Check out our full post via the link in my bio. #HUGGIESPullUps #6Steps #ad

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BAPs (Bloody Awesome Parents Awards) – Best Newcomer (Nominated)

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Blogosphere Parenting Blogger of the Year 2017 (Won)

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And there we have it…another year.

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6 thoughts on “Someone’s Mum: Two Years in Numbers

  1. Happy blogoversary lovely. Mine is coming up this month too. You have achieved so much & it’s all deserved. Congratulations & I look forward to seeing everything else you achieve x

  2. I just stumbled upon your teaching posts today, as I’m considering leaving my teaching job for at least a year to stay home with my daughter. Like you say in your post, I have felt like a bad mother. I have felt like a bad teacher.. because both are all-consuming. I can’t do both. Thank you so much for writing those posts.

    I am curious when you find the time to plan, write, photograph, and remain active on social media while you’re home with your children. My daughter is 14 months and I can rarely get anything done while she is awake.

    1. Hello Sarah. Thanks for commenting. Mine are a little older so my boy is at school now. My daughter, who is 3 now, has two days at nursery for me to work but I just juggle the rest as best I can. There are a lot of late evenings and I work nearly as hard as I did as a teacher but I am much less anxious as I decide what I do and if I want to do nothing for a bit, I can. Thanks for dropping by.

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