Blogosphere Magazine: The Ultimate Blogging Companion

This​ ​is​ ​a​ ​paid​ ​for​ ​advertorial with​ ​Blogosphere.​ ​All​ ​content​ ​creators​ ​within​ ​the​ ​campaign​ ​are​ ​subscribers​ ​of​ ​the magazine.

I am not one to talk about blogging much. Sharing tips or giving advice on how to grow your social media presence or the best ways to optimise your blog posts for search engines is not usually for me. I have always felt a little… uncomfortable about it. This is not because I think it is a bad thing or because I have not learned a great deal from some excellent posts from my peers. There is a wealth of brilliant advice out there and I have learned so much over the last two years. No, when it comes to my new career – as opposed to my former one – I guess I always feel like the pupil, rather than the teacher.

There is SO much to take on board with blogging. Creating content that you love and writing something that you hope says something meaningful is the tip of the iceberg. SEO, building DA, maintaining and upgrading your site, improving photography, affiliate marketing, working with P.Rs… it goes on and on. As a rule, I stick to what I know and avoid teaching my grandmother to suck eggs. However, when it comes to recommending Blogosphere magazine, I feel comfortable breaking my rule.

Blogosphere Magazine

For those who do not know, Blogosphere Magazine is a print publication written by bloggers, for bloggers. It was launched in October 2013 by Alice Audley. Alice had started a blog as a stepping stone to a journalism career. Very soon, she became fascinated with the freedom and creativity of the blogging world. Blogosphere was created with a great overreaching idea in mind –

“What if you could curate the chaos? What if you could filter some of the amazing voices from the blogosphere and bring them all together in one place? For really, who better to tell you what is going on in the blogging world than bloggers themselves?”

And so Blogosphere was born. Since its inception it has evolved from a directory into an 164 page quarterly publication filled with exclusive interviews, how-tos, advice features and all kinds of gems to discover. It is also beautifully designed with exceptional photography and illustrations – the ideal coffee table magazine.

love the look and feel of Blogosphere. It is a feast for the eyes and mind and there is something very comforting about having such a sturdy publication to leaf through. We live in a digital age and bloggers especially spend a great deal of time looking at screens. For me though, there is still so much value in the printed word, in something you can physically hold and touch. Browsing the internet will never be quite as convenient as picking up a book or magazine – and it is certainly not guaranteed to be as productive!

Close up of two editions of Blogosphere Magazine

Features and Articles

I have been a subscriber of Blogosphere for a year now and the content in the magazine is is diverse. You WILL discover amazing bloggers and exquisite posts that you never knew existed. There are dozens and dozens of features and interviews on bloggers and their work. They range from the formidable and world-renowned, such as current cover star Casey Neistat, to relative newcomers – like little old me.

Someone's Mum, Danielle Duggins - In Blogosphere Magazine

The interviews and top-pick posts would be enough to keep you occupied and inspired for the whole quarter alone. However, there is more. Blogosphere is also filled with advice and how-tos – from those who are really in the know. The advice features are detailed and focused and they cover issues that are topical and relevant.

Article in Blogosphere magazine

Working with PRs - Blogosphere Magazine

Blogosphere Events and Awards

As well as being the perfect companion for keeping bloggers occupied on long journeys, Blogosphere organises amazing events which allow bloggers to connect with each other. As well as brand and blogger networking and conferences, there are plenty of excuses for a good, old-fashioned knees-up. Not least of these is the annual Blogosphere Awards. I had the great privilege of attending the June 2017 event, as I was nominated for Parenting Blogger of the Year. As it happens, I won, and my blog has gone from strength to strength since then. It was also a fabulous evening and an opportunity to make great new friends, in the blogging community and beyond.

Blogosphere Parenting Blogger of the Year 2017

As well as making valuable connections and relationships through Blogosphere, both at the awards and since, I also received the best electric toothbrush I have ever owned as my winner’s prize; I honestly never knew my teeth could feel so clean.

On a serious note, many of the collaborations I am most proud of have come about through Blogosphere Magazine. I am so grateful.


If you are a blogger who loves being inspired by others, or you are looking for the perfect gift for the blogger in your life, I really cannot recommend a Blogosphere Magazine subscription enough and it is only £30 a year. I certainly look forward to my Blogosphere happy-mail arriving every quarter. You can sign-up to be a subscriber here.


Blogosphere Magazine - the ultimate blogging companion. With tips, how-tos, interviews and more.

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8 thoughts on “Blogosphere Magazine: The Ultimate Blogging Companion

  1. Sounds great! I’d love some more inspiration on blogs to read outside of my little mummy blogger bubble! I’m thinking about getting it 🙂

    1. Ohhh there is definitely so much inspiration. Not only is it filled with loads of bloggers, sorted by niche, they also often share their favourite posts from them. So it is perfect for finding new bloggers to follow 🙂

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