I’m a Johnson and Johnson’s Ambassador this year – and here’s why.

Little girl in the bath with rubber ducks and Johnson's baby bath

When I entered the last trimester of my first pregnancy, I finally felt ready to start gathering the essential items I knew I would need. Nappies, muslins, a Moses basket, sleepsuits vests. A pushchair, a car seat, a baby bath, cotton wool, tiny hats and tiny scratch mitts. Each item was lovingly collected and put away, ready for the big moment. And, also on that list, baby bath, baby oil and baby lotion. When we went shopping to buy those essential toiletries, I picked up the Johnson’s items from the shelf without so much as a second thought. The bottles, the smells – they were already so familiar to me. I remembered them from my own childhood. I remembered my mother using them on my baby sister.

I have used Johnson’s products with both my children right from the very first days of their lives. I have always felt confident and secure in the fact that those products have been perfect for my children’s delicate skin. My own mother, and her mother, felt the same. Right back, through the last century and the one before that, parents have used Johnson & Johnson. For 125 years, they have been synonymous with caring for babies, the scent of baby lotion and the feel of baby oil an integral part of those early days. I do not think many international companies can claim such an achievement or such a responsibility.

As my father said when I told him about this project – We are all Johnson’s babies.

When I first saw some unsettling stories surfacing about Johnson’s, long before this blog was created, I was instantly skeptical. However, I would never take risks with my children’s health and so I did a little research – and found the claims to be unsubstantiated. I continued to use the products. Like millions of other mothers all over the world, I was just a satisfied and loyal customer.

Girl wrapped in towel smiling next to Johnson's baby lotion

Working with Johnson & Johnson

A few years passed. I changed careers and started this blog. My babies, and Someone’s Mum, grew. I started to work with brands and, eventually, Johnson’s contacted me and asked me to share some of their products on my Instagram channel. As a blogger, there is nothing more pleasing than being able to work with a brand that you have used and admired for a long time. There is also nothing more pleasing than working with a brand who value you, as a working partner and a customer. I loved working with Johnson’s.

Some images from Johnson & Johnson's influencers on display
Can you spot Littlest?


When I received some comments, both from fellow bloggers and other parents, suggesting that I should not work with the company I defended them vehemently – because I already knew that many of the rumours surrounding them were untrue.

When they asked me to be on their ambassador team, along with so many parenting bloggers and influencers, I jumped at the chance. I blog to feed my family and that, of course, is my primary concern. But this goes further – I feel passionately about supporting Johnson’s because I truly believe in their products and in their ethos.

What I have learned since becoming a Johnson’s Ambassador

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity of spending the whole day with Johnson’s. As well as the PR team I am working with, there was the opportunity to speak with some of their top scientists and product developers. No topic was off-limits. We were allowed to ask any questions, dig deep into the controversial issues. We were given unequivocal answers to the most troubling concerns that some parents may have. We were also given access to research and information ourselves in order to come to our own conclusions.

Me spending the day with the Johnson's team

I learned all about the science that backs their claims and why they continue to refute and challenge any accusations that their talc has been linked to causing ovarian cancer.

I learned that the Johnson’s follow a strict cosmetic naming conventions for regulatory purposes, which can mean that whilst the ingredients sometimes seem to have more ‘chemical’ looking names, they are in fact helping regulatory bodies easily identify exactly what is in the products. I have learned that parabens – not present in Johnson’s Baby products in any case – are present naturally in hundreds of fruits and vegetables, being nature’s preservatives.

I learned that preservative elements in Johnson’s Baby products are safe. In fact, they are essential for keeping the product fresh and uncontaminated from dangerous bacteria.

I learned that Johnson’s have been put in a position where they need to change their products and change their labels in response to consumer opinions – not science. I learned how some of their staff have had to deal with some awful comments from misinformed people.

I learned that I am completely confident in my decision to work with Johnson’s and that I cannot wait to see what else the year has in store.


Please note, this post is a paid collaboration with Johnson & Johnson in my role as a Johnson’s ambassador. However, as outlined in the post, I am working with Johnson’s because I feel passionately about supporting them and all words and opinions are my genuine thoughts.

Small girl in bath with rubber duck and Johnson's Baby bath

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11 thoughts on “I’m a Johnson and Johnson’s Ambassador this year – and here’s why.

  1. This is such an enlightened and balanced blog post Danielle, well done. I have never massively used Johnson’s purely because Toby’s skin required medicated products and that’s that. But I think the backlash against people who were working with Johnson’s was horrendous and unnecessary. Everyone is allowed an opinion, but I saw some real nastiness and people should always do some research and come to a decision that feels right for them, without beating down others xx

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Hannah. I feel very strongly that bloggers in particular have a responsibility to do research and make sure we are accurate. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Great post Danielle. I’ve always used Johnson’s products with every baby. Only just stopped using the baby shampoo recently. My youngest is 5😂😂. Great to hear you talk candidly about the stories and rumours and to say they are not true. We need more content like this with facts.

    1. Thanks ever so much Lynn. You are right. It is so important to make sure that the truth is known and so I was so happy to be part of this campaign. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

  3. Ahh well done! I’m glad you’re a Johnson & Johnson ambassador. It sounds like it’s just up your street! 😀

  4. It must be fascinating to work behind the scenes as well and being able to ask questions / really be part of the company, really. So pleased for you for becoming an ambassador! xxx

  5. I use and have always used Johnsons on my boy. It’s terrible when people make untrue claims against them. I think you will make a great ambassador and they are very lucky to have you

  6. I love this post Danielle! You’ve summed it up so well here and I’m really proud to be part of this campaign too. I did my own research into Johnson’s Baby before having children, as part of my eczema journey (as a lot of eczema sufferers use baby products, me included), and I was completely satisfied that there was nothing in their products that wasn’t completely safe. Even after doing such extensive research though, I found the day with the Johnson’s Baby team so enlightening – learning exactly how to research an ingredients list was fascinating, and I really appreciated that we were given information and encouraged to research ourselves to make our own conclusions. I think it’s so important that people that do this and find facts rather than unsubstantiated claims with no scientific basis to them and I really hope this campaign will help people to do that.

  7. I love this post! I was a very anxious new mum and received what I now feel was terrible advice from my midwife (I’m not slating midwives- I think they are amazing) to not bath my son for the first month of his life and then not to use any baby products ESPECIALLY JOHNSONS. Being terrified of harming my baby I listened. But I had a cupboard lovingly stocked with Johnson’s products that I had bought as an excited mum to be and was upset that these would now go to waste. The smell of Johnson’s is the smell of baby we all love. So like you I did my research and also spoke to family and friends; like you I found the claims against Johnson’s to be unfounded and that my mum had used it on me etc for generations before. I took the plunge and used it on my baby son and his skin is beautiful, dry patches cleared up, he is completely clear and glowing and he smells like Johnson’s Baby. I am glad I took matters into my own hands and did my homework and I will be directing people who disagree to this post. Sorry I’ve waffled on but I’m 100% a Johnson’s fan and agree with this article completely. Thanks for sharing it. x

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