Baby Born Doll & Wash Basin Review and Giveaway

Baby Born Doll and Interactive Wash Basin Review - Little girl holding doll and close up of doll

Littlest has always loved more traditional toys like stuffed animals and dolls. She can often be found dressing them, caring for them and setting them up for pretend play like tea parties and staging plays. I knew that she would love an interactive doll such as Baby Born. When Baby Born contacted us to ask us to review a doll and a new Baby Born Wash Basin, I was excited to see what she thought.

If you would like to see how Littlest got on with using some of the features of the doll and wash basin, you can check out our video below.

One reader can also win both a Baby Born doll and the Interactive Wash Basin for their little one. Just scroll to the Rafflecopter at the end of the post to enter.

Our Baby Born Video Review

Baby Born Doll

Baby Born has lots of lifelike functions which all work without a battery: crying, sleeping, drinking from her bottle, using the potty to name but a few. She also comes with over ten accessories including a dummy, dummy clip, potty, bottle and feeding spoon and plate. Also included are a heart necklace and bracelet. I thought was a little odd as they would be a choking hazard for a real baby! Littlest loved the fact that she came with so much as it allowed her to role-play all kinds of activities with her baby.

Many of the doll’s functions involve water (crying, wetting nappy and washing with the basin). My one note of caution would be to prepare for things to get wet when playing with them!

However, Littlest was perfectly happy to play with the doll and basin without using the water. There is no need to get things wet every time you play. She loved the fact that Baby Born’s eyes close when you put her down to sleep.

Baby Born Interactive Wash Basin

Baby Born and Wash Basin

LIke the doll, the Interactive wash basin has great functions – it comes with a real water tap and light up interactive basin for Baby Born to use in the morning and before bed.

Whether you are using the flashing mirror or using the duck as the basin plug whilst washing, the basin provides you and your doll with lots of wash-time fun. The basin includes a soft towel to pat down and dry the face of your doll. When the cup is removed, the basin plays gargle and tooth cleaning sounds. It’s great functions include:

  • Light up mirror
  • Towel holder and towel
  • Special duck plug
  • Washing sounds
  • Real water tap

Using the real tap was a big hit with Littlest but, again, it does mean that things can get a little messy!

Win Baby Born and Interactive Wash Basin

Baby Born doll

If you would like to win a Baby Born doll and the Interactive Wash Basin, you can enter the Rafflecopter below. Please note that the competition is open to UK residents only. Other Terms and Conditions apply and can be found in the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note, Carousel PR sent us the Baby Born Doll and Interactive Wash Basin for the purposes of this review.


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Littlest playing with Baby Born

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87 thoughts on “Baby Born Doll & Wash Basin Review and Giveaway

  1. My little girl Heidi just adores her dolls, she loves playing mum and I love to listen to her speaking away to them like she is me LOL!!!
    Heidi would love this little baby born with the wash basin so she could take care of it and give it lots of baths 🙂 the doll looks like a super size, very realistic.

  2. My niece absolutely loves playing families and the baby born doll would be brilliant for her games.

  3. Because she loves to play mummy’s and Daddy’s and as these Babyborn dolls are so life like she would get so much fun playing with them

  4. my 2 year old is getting to that age where she loves to interact with her dolls/babies and would adore this!

  5. I would love one as it is the one toy that my daughter always gravitates towards at her aunties house,

  6. My daughter loves playing mummies with her dolls. She loves baby born she would love playing with it.

  7. My eldest daughter has a baby sister and likes to copy all the things I do with her. She would love to have a wash basin to wash her doll in.

  8. My 2 year old loves caring for dolly’s. She would love this as it comes with all the different accessories

  9. Would love this for my Granddaughter. She is going to get a baby brother in June so having her own baby to look after would be perfect.

  10. my daughter is really hands on with her baby sister Mia, she’d love a baby born to play mummy to, the fact that it cries and wees, she’d love that

  11. I would donate this to the women’s shelter along with the quilts I make. Some little girl would be thrilled.

  12. My niece would love it as she loves looking at and being around my new baby niece, so she’d love to have one of her own!

  13. My daughter loves to help bath her little brother with me so having this doll she could ‘help’ but also make it quicker and less messy for myself 😀

  14. My daughter would like this because I always had a baby born doll when I was younger and had lots of playing time with it.

  15. My daughter is an only child and is always asking for a brother or sister to play with. This can not happen and she loves dollies so would love this baby too x

  16. I would love to win for my daughter, she will be 6 in August and would absolutely love a baby born, I had one when I was younger and loved being able to feed her and use her potty, my daughter would too xxx

  17. These dolls and associated products are delightfully realistic and fun. Our youngest is very drawn to them for that reason.

  18. my twin one boy one girl love baby dolls they love to bath them and push them in the buggy . They would adore this realistic doll with the little sink

  19. My Granddaughter loves her ‘babies’ she gets them all out then says she has a big family, she would always love another won if she has the chance

  20. She absolutely loves playing with dolls. She takes them shopping, changes their nappy, plays doctor with them etc.

  21. Skye has just shown an interest in dolls and she loves a bath herself, so I think she would love this

  22. For my granddaughter, whose mummy is expecting twins in the summer, so she has her own baby to look after

  23. My 5 year old daughter would love this as her sister already has a baby born doll and she would like her very own, the sink would be a great addition to our baby born collection too.

  24. My niece would love Baby Born as she wanted one for Christmas but my budget wouldn’t stretch that far.

  25. My granddaughter is obsessed with dolls. She would be able to play with it at my house in the garden. She would love to wash it. She would also love to feed it

  26. My daughter Sheriah 5 loves dolls she has a baby Annabel but would love to have a friend

  27. My daughter loves playing “Mummy” so she would adore such a realistic baby doll, and the sink looks amazing!

  28. My little boy loves helping and loves babies. It would be amazing for him to look after the Baby Born doll.

  29. My daughter loves her babies she turns her room into a nursery and she dose activities with them its very sweet thanks for the chance 🙂

  30. My eldest daughter has a Baby Born doll so my youngest is always jealous and would love one herself, would be great to win 🙂

  31. My daughter loves babies and whilst she hasn’t yet got a real one to care for, her affection would show with this doll.

  32. My daughter is at the age where she is wanting to mother, and this would be a lovely treat for her 🙂

  33. It’s a interesting one. I have a nephew and she just like to play all baby items. I would love to gift this to my nephew. Hope so she will be too much happy to see this. Thanks for the giving chance to win.

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