Flower Wreath Craft Using Recycled Clothes

This month’s Bostik Blogger theme is flowers. Spring is finally on the way and things are starting to bloom and come to life. This flower wreath craft is the perfect way to embrace the lighter days and brighter colours . It also uses recycled clothes – I used some of Littlest’s baby clothes, meaning that the wreath had an extra sentimental value. There are a few items that are unsuitable for passing on or donating, as this is a great alternative to just throwing those items away. The wreath is also really easy to make. All you need is cardboard, fabric and glue.

Flower Wreath Craft

Finished summer flower wreath with recycled clothes


  • Old clothes or fabric. It is best to have a pattern that is the same on both sides but not essential.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard Craft Wreaths
  • Other decorations such as fabric leaves


Firstly, you need to cover the wreath. Choose an old garment or fabric that you can cut into long strips (2 or 3 centimetres wide and as long as you can make them). The strips need to be fairly consistent in width, though they do not need to be perfect. I cut an old romper into strips that were around 30cm in length.

How to make a summer wreath

Wrap the fabric around the wreath, using glue to secure in several places on the back. If you run out of fabric, cut off and glue down at the back and then start with a new strip from the back. This means the joins in the fabric will not be visible. Once the wreath is totally covered, make sure the fabric is glued securely and leave to dry.

Next, you need to make the fabric flowers to decorate the wreath. You can use as many colours and patterns as you like. However, I just used two contrasting colours. Again, I used two items of clothing that Biggest and Littlest have outgrown. There are lots of different ways to make fabric flowers. This wreath uses two really easy methods.

One type of flower for fabric flower and flower wreath craft

The first kind uses the type of flower pictured above. You can find the full method for creating them here. However, all you need is strips of fabric, scissors to cut slits, and glue.

The second type of flower that I used required circles of fabric. I used some circles that were around 10 centimetres to make the smaller rose-type flowers and circles that were around 20 centimetres to make the larger flowers. Firstly, cut out the circles. Next, cut into the circles, making a spiral shape, until you reach the centre.

Spiral fabric for flower wreath

As you can see from my picture above, you do not have to be too neat. The next step is to roll each spiral up into a rose shape, starting from the centre. You should secure them with glue as you go. When you have rolled the whole spiral, they should create rose-like buds, shown below.

rose shape flower for flower wreath

Once you have enough flowers to fill as much of the wreath as you require, you are ready to start placing them. I chose to fill around a third of the wreath with flowers, as I thought this looked most effective. However, you can arrange them and use as many as you would like. You can also add any extra decorations you would like. I used a few fabric skeleton leaves in amongst the flowers.

Close up of Summer wreath with fabric leaves

Arranging the flowers and playing with where you would like them before you glue them down permanently is a good idea. Once you are happy, simply stick them down and attach a fabric or thread loop to hang your flower wreath. If you use flowers on one side only, you may need to add weight to the other side (you can hide this by adding weight to the back) so that it still hangs correctly.

And there you have it – your flower wreath is now ready to hang and brighten up any room.


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Flower wreath using recycled children's clothes.


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3 thoughts on “Flower Wreath Craft Using Recycled Clothes

  1. King Ben is always asking me to cut and glue or tape things for him. He doesn’t like to help, but he really enjoys watching the process and receiving the finished product. This project looks like something getting easy to do (for me) and something fun for him to watch and have. He’s very visual and his favorite shape right now is a crescent moon. Easily adaptable!

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