Easy Unicorn Craft for Kids – with free printable template

Really Easy Unicorn Craft for kids

The theme for this month’s Bostik Blogger craft post is creatures. Any creatures go, real or magical, and so this month we decided to create this really easy unicorn craft. This can be a great activity for kids to do themselves (particularly those who love unicorns. Littlest was beside herself with joy). However, if adults want to help a little, or do the craft themselves, it can also be really effective in creating a piece of unicorn art that the child could use to decorate their room or even frame to put on a wall.

Littlest and Biggest both created their own unicorns. They chose their respective favourite colours – pink and green – but the great thing about this activity is that anything goes. You can use any colours, any objects, and the kids can be left to create their design all by themselves, even if they are quite small. All you need is some card, our free printable and some items to decorate – and away you go!

You can download the printable below.

Finished really easy unicorn craft

Creating Your Unicorn Art

As well as getting Biggest and Littlest to make their own unicorns, I created this how-to video. Here, you can see how to modify the craft in order to create a unique piece of artwork that would look good on any child’s bedroom wall.

Really Easy Unicorn Craft for Kids

As mentioned above, this craft is also a great way to get kids to be creative independently. All you need to do is trace the unicorn template, using our printable, and then you can let them glue their own collage, using whichever materials to decorate they would like.

You will need:

Green really easy unicorn craft

To decorate:

You can use any small item to give your unicorn a colourful and luxurious mane. However, we used:

You could also use tissue paper, magazines, or anything else that could be glued in place.

Biggest adding glitter to his unicorn

Really Easy Unicorn Craft – Method.

Firstly, print out the unicorn template. Cut out the two parts and glue together so that they meet up. Next, turn the unicorn over and carefully trace all of the lines with a pencil. Make sure you trace all the parts of the mane and the eye. Turn the unicorn template back over and place it on the card. Trace around the outline with a pencil to create the unicorn shape. The next bit is clever!

Method to create really easy unicorn craft

If you now shade in the lines on the front of the template, the tracings on the back will be transferred to the card. You should then have a complete unicorn shape on the card. All you have to do now is go over the lines carefully with a marker pen. Up until this point a child will need an adult to help them. Once you have the unicorn shape on your card, the children can then be given freedom to decorate how they would like.

I set my two up with lots of beads, flowers, sequins and glitter – and glue and brushes – and then let them stick items all over.

Biggest (small boy) making his really easy unicorn craft

Littlest (small girl) creating her really easy unicorn craft

You can cover the uncorn’s horn in glitter, or fill in some of the sections of the mane, but that is optional. Once the children have filled in all the available space on the unicorn’s mane, simply leave the glue to try. This is particularly important if you have used larger, heavy items like beads and buttons.

Your effective but easy unicorn craft is then ready.

Three finished really easy unicorn craft items in different colours

As you can see above, we all enjoyed creating our own unicorns and the final results look great.


Please note, Bostik send us a selection of craft items each month in order to create the Bostik Blogger crafts. This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click-through and buy something, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you. However, all the items are the ones we genuinely used, or as close as possible.

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Really Easy Unicorn Art and Craft for Kids

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