Protect What Matters with Aviva Free Parent Life Cover

Aviva Parent cover - me with littlest and whole family in the woods

I am delighted Aviva are sponsoring this promotion of their Free Parent Life Cover.

When you have children, everything changes. The axis of your universe tilts and your priorities and ambitions change. Suddenly, the most important thing is keeping those little bundles safe and happy. Nothing will bring into focus the fact that you are now an adult more clearly than having someone entirely dependent on you for everything. Everyone knows that there are certain things that are sensible to do when you become a parent – making sure you have a last will and testament sorted, life insurance. Luckily, Aviva Free Parent Life Cover is the perfect starting point for making sure your new family is protected – it lasts for 12 months and it is free!

Thinking about what would happen to your children if anything were to happen to you is not something that most parents want to consider too deeply. This is especially true while they are negotiating the huge adjustment that having a new baby brings. There are so many levels of cover and different policies available that many may feel it is easier to bury their heads in the sand. That is why Aviva free Parent Cover is such a wonderful thing. It gives peace of mind, it is incredibly simple and it means you have time to relax and get to grips with that world-changing bundle of joy, before looking at further insurance options.

Me and Littlest in the woods for Aviva Free Parent Life Cover

Aviva Free Parent Life Cover

With Aviva’s free cover, both parents are eligible for £15,000 worth of cover per child under 4 years old. For example, both Mum and Dad can claim £15,000 worth of cover (£30,000 in total) per child. The cover lasts for 12 months from acceptance and will not renew. As new parents, it definitely feels like we have enough things to worry about during those first months. New parents are busy getting their little ones settled and adjusting to being parents themselves. That is why Aviva are giving new parents this free life insurance as a first step towards protecting your family. You can take out the plan from when a child is born and before their 4th birthday.

It takes just a few minutes to apply and you can do this across mobile, table or desktop. Cover will start as soon as you’ve completed the short application process. No payment is needed and Aviva do not request bank account or credit card details. You also receive instant access to your policy documents online through MyAviva

Daddy, small girl and small boy walking in the woods for Aviva Free Parent Life Cover

Peace of Mind

With that peace of mind, you can focus on enjoying the wonderful challenges and joys of new parenthood. Matt and I have both updated our life cover since having littlest with Aviva, to make sure the things we love the most would be financially secure if anything happened to us. As the parent of a child with extra needs, we know that we cannot take any chances when it comes to making sure our family is protected.

So, if you have a little one under four, have you made sure that you have life insurance? If not, get started with Aviva Free Parent Life Cover right away – you have no reason not to!


Please note, this is a paid collaboration with Aviva. For more information, see our Disclosure Policy.

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8 thoughts on “Protect What Matters with Aviva Free Parent Life Cover

  1. I really need to sort this sort of thing out – all the “life admin” that comes with being a parent. You’re right, it is definitely far too easy to burry your head in the sand! It’s great that Aviva offer an entire year of cover for free!

  2. Fantastic. I’ve just signed us both up for this. I hate thinking about things like this but it has to be done. Thank you x

  3. Yes it’s very important to make sure we have life insurance and more so as a parent. This is one thing we have always done and I feel so much happier knowing whoever is left that we be financially secure

  4. This is such a generous scheme – I’m so impressed by Aviva. Life insurance is exactly the kind of thing that gets forgotten about in a busy family life, and especially when you’re new parents, but is so important to have. No-one wants to think about the worst happening, but everyone wants the reassurance that if it did, everything possible is sorted.

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