Minecraft Gifts and Clothing for Kids UK

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We often struggle to find things to get our son at Christmas and on his birthday. He has never been a fan of conventional toys and sometimes struggles with motor skills, making some toys tricky. This year, however, he has such a passion for Minecraft, that it was much easier to find things he would love as we could purchase Minecraft presents. If there is a Minecraft fan in your household, they may love some of the things on this list for a birthday or Christmas. They have certainly been a huge hit with Biggest! Read on to find out which Minecraft Gifts made our list.

The Best Minecraft Gifts UK

Minecraft Gifts – Minecraft Toys

1. Foam Minecraft Tools and Weapons

You may not be a fan of toy weapons (I am usually not) but Biggest mostly uses these to play Minecraft role-play games with his sister. The Sword and Pickaxe are quite big and sturdy, so I would not recommend them for smaller children. They do look exactly like the ones in Minecraft and Biggest was thrilled to realise that he and his sister could “pretend to be Steve and Alex.”

Minecraft Gifts - sword and pickaxe

2. Minecraft Lego Sets

Lego is pretty much a win for most children – there is just so much variety and so much creative fun to be had. We are keen to try to improve Biggest’s fine motor skills (something he struggles with) and this is his first set of smaller sized Lego. As Daddy is a huge fan of Lego too, they plan to build the two sets Biggest received together. There are so many different sets to collect and they are reasonably priced, unlike some Lego!

A picture of a box of a Minecraft lego set

3. Minecraft Figures

Biggest has played with these figure the most out of any toy figures he has received. Again, because he is so passionate about Minecraft, it has inspired him to role-play with them. They also had the starring role on his sixth birthday cake

The Minecraft Birthday cake I made for my son's birthday - incuding Minecraft figures that make great Minecraft gifts

Minecraft Gifts - toy figures

This figure pack was very reasonably priced and also came with a bed, blocks, a crafting table and tiny weapons.

4. Minecraft Paper Craft Playsets

These playsets are brilliant because, not only to you get hours of fun constructing them (great for fine motor skills), they are also really sturdy and can make great toys once built. You can use them with the actions figures to create Minecraft worlds.

Minecraft Gifts – Clothing

5. Minecraft Gifts – Hoodie

This hoodie is good quality and the branding on it is fairly subtle.  This creeper hoodie is also green, which is Biggest’s favourite colour. This means he will get good use of it all through autumn and winter.

Minecraft Hoodie

6. Minecraft Bobble Hat

I think this hat is for an adult. However, Biggest has quite a large head and it is not so big that it slips down – it just covered his head and ears nicely. It can be a real challenge to get him to wear hats and gloves in the winter, as he has some sensory issues. Hopefully this hat will get him enthusiastic about winter clothing!

Minecraft gifts - hat

7. Mincraft Gifts – M&Co Clothing and Night Wear

M&Co.  have a brilliant range of Minecraft Clothing and Minecraft Gifts for kids. These Pyjamas were available in 2018 but you can still buy a range of clothing online or in store, through their dedicated minecraft section. Biggest saw these as we were walking through the shop and insisted we spend some of the money he received for his birthday on them. I think the look on his face says how much he loves them.

Minecraft Gifts - Biggest in pyjamas


A screenshot of the Minecraft Clothing available on M&Co

Minecraft Gifts – Miscellaneous

8. Minecraft Light-up Diamond Ore

This little lamp was one of Biggest’s favourite Minecraft gifts. He loves lights and sensory toys and so this one brought two of his passions together. The block is about 10cm in diameter and takes AA batteries. It lights up blue where the ‘diamond’ ore peeks through. Biggest loves to look at this and have it in his room at night, but it also plays a part in Minecraft role-play, as he can pretend to mine it.

Minecraft Gifts - light-up diamond ore

9. Minecraft Books and Ultimate Construction Gift Box

This gift set of books and models contains instructions for making loads of creative builds in Minecraft. You can build a medieval castle together, or your dream home! It also comes with cardboard models to construct – a snow golem and an iron golem. Biggest loved this as they are some of his favourite things to make in the game. This one is great value for money too, as it is currently on offer for around half-price in WH Smiths and Amazon.

Minecraft Gifts - gift box

10. Minecraft Kids Backpack Lunchbag, Water Bottle and Pencil Case

This four-piece minecraft set  includes backpack, lunchbox, pencil case and water bottle has everything your minecraft fan will need for school, making it one of our minecraft gifts that is great value for money.


And there you have it. Those are the Minecraft gifts that Biggest received this year.I am sure he will get lots of pleasure and use out of them over the coming months?

Do you have a little Minecraft fan who would love any of these Minecraft gifts? Simply click the links or pictures to find out prices and how to buy them.

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Please note, this post contains affiliate links. This means if you click-through and buy anything, we earn a small commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see our Disclosure Policy

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