A Stress and Mess Free Christmas with Regina

Regina Blitz with split milk with Christmas Tree in the background

I am hosting guests for Christmas this year and it is actually a very rare occurrence. Apart from the year that I was 36 weeks pregnant with Littlest, we have almost always stayed with relatives when the big day comes. This year, however, guests are coming to us. We are reaching a transition stage – when my parents and Matt’s parents are getting a little older. Hosting a big family Christmas is getting trickier. Family members who have hosted Christmas in the past have downsized or have other plans. This year, we are staying at home and grandparents are coming to us.

I have never really had to prepare my home for Christmas guests before. In 2014, when Littlest was about to make her appearance, I was severely diabetic and had lots of complicated medical issues. This meant I pretty much stayed still and bemoaned the fact that I was not allowed to eat any Christmas cake. Not so this year –

This year, I am eminently  capable of being the perfect Christmas hostess – and so the preparation must begin. I have to get the house in shape for guests, and make sure we can enjoy family time without too much time spent cleaning and preparing.

Regina to the Rescue

As part of Regina’s Christmas campaign, they are inviting UK families to make more of the moments that matter. Christmas season can be a stressful time for parents, so Regina commissioned a survey of British families to uncover the ‘stress of mess’ and the impact it has on enjoying family moments at Christmas. The results revealed that getting the house ready and keeping it tidy was one of the most stressful elements of the festive season.

In addition, 63% of UK residents admit they miss out on family time during the festive season because they begin to tidy the house at least a week before the big day AND over half of UK residents (52%) reported that the house is a complete mess again within an hour or less of guests arriving on Christmas day.

Regina Blitz

Regina Blitz double pack

Regina Blitz really is the ultimate kitchen roll, because it is so strong and absorbent. It’s great as a napkin, cleaning up outside or even to help wipe the dog’s muddy paws. With two children constantly making messes and an exuberant Springer Spaniel with a nervous bladder who loves nothing more than jumping in muddy rivers, we could not live without it. Regina Blitz’s triple layer sheets with super-strong unique emboss are almost 70% bigger than standard kitchen roll and specially designed to be used both inside and outside the home.

Over the Christmas period we will be baking, dog-walking, crafting, eating, drinking and being merry. I do not want to spend more time cleaning up from these activities than I do spending quality time with my family. And Regina Blitz will be there to clean up baking spills, wipe muddy floors and wipe up festive spills, making more time for the moments that matter.

Regina Blitz moping up a mess

Christmas without the mess – or the stress!

In the meantime, the Christmas preparations get into full-swing this week. I have a turkey to order and shopping to finish and some DIY to sort to get the house looking its best for when those guests arrive – wish me luck!

Regina Blitz is available to buy from all leading supermarkets as well as independent retailers priced from £2.50 (RRP).

Please note, this post is a paid collaboration with Regina Blitz. For more information, see our Disclosure policy.

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