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Today, Someone’s Mum turns three. In many ways, 2018 was quieter than 2017. There were no award nominations, no blogging conferences, and no leaps in social followers. However, 2018 is my proudest year to date. My achievements might be a bit more subtle, but I think they represent my hard work and improvements more clearly.

I have learned to use a DSLR and taken courses to improve my photography over the last year. I am finally achieving more consistent traffic and I have been building on views from Google and Pinterest significantly. I am on track to earn a little more in this tax year than the last, meaning I can really start to clear debt, save, and build a better future for my family.

These things are less obvious to readers, perhaps – but they make a big difference to our lives. I am still eternally grateful that this blog has become my career, my passion, my therapy, my creative outlet – pretty much my third baby.

It has transformed our lives in so many ways and brought me a peace of mind that I never thought was possible. Below, you will find some of the statistics and top posts from the last year. The numbers reveal just one type of measure of success; they do not reveal the true value of Someone’s Mum to me and my family.


Total views 2016 – Present
Total Pageviews888, 563
Total Unique Users538, 333
Total number of posts377
Total number of comments6710

Blog views were lower this year than previous years. However, I am actually really pleased. Instead of having one month with tens of thousands of views, and the next with just a few thousand, I now get much more consistent traffic

Although the big viral posts are great, I am much more proud of the way I have built a regular audience. I am also really pleased to see improvement from month to month – something that was hard with stats all over the place!

In 2018 Someone’s Mum had 120,375 unique users and 222,562 pageviews.

Top Posts of 2018

Top 3 Posts from Previous Years

  1. I am not a teacher
  2. Salted Caramel Cookie Cheesecake Recipe
  3. Autism? More Like Bad Parenting

Top 5 Posts Published in 2018

  1. When Schools are Punished for Succeeding – The Broken EHCP System
  2. 100 Ways to Support Autistic Children and Adults
  3. It’s not enough – a rant on SEN processes and provision
  4. Five Weeks with Weight Watchers Flex
  5. The things you did not see

Tots100 Rankings

No one can say I am not consistent!

December 201853
November 201851
October 201851
September 201854
August 201854
July 201854
June 201851
May 201839
April 201844
March 201852
February 201869
January 201861


Twitter and Instagram have stalled hugely for me in 2018. I had a big clear out to boost engagement but my follower numbers have not really recovered. Luckily, I have seen good YouTube and Pinterest growth and fair Facebook growth.

Facebook1775 47245625
Twitter13,560 21,41821,321
Instagram28,062 42,14841,709
Pinterest2994 44204903
YouTube151 11971443
YouTube ViewsNA25, 57655,900

Top 3 Facebook Posts of 2018

  1. 50,266 People Reached 1,548 Reactions, comments & shares

2. 24,487 People Reached 526 Reactions, comments & shares

3. 20,742 People Reached 544 Reactions, comments & shares

Top Tweet of 2018

Top Instagram Posts by Reach

Looks like my face is more popular than it was last year!


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I am not usually much of a risk-taker, especially when it comes to my appearance. I think I have had the same hair since I grew out my fringe at about age 5. I am also not one for selfies. I guess today was not typical. And awesome. YOLO. Hair courtesy of Flawless in Tewkesbury. #bluehair #livelifeincolour #newhairsameme * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #mumswithhustle #uniteinmotherhood #ukparentbloggers #parentbloggersuk #mybesthair #dyedhairdontcare #bluehairdontcare #brighthair #girlswithcoloredhair #colouredhair #colouredhairdontcare #bluehairedgirl #dipdye #dipdyed #mumblogger #newhairwhodis #haironfleek #literalmomgoals #motherhoodandme #dresslikeamum #mumsthatslay #motherhoodirl #lifeasmama #mumstyle #thisismotherhood #mymamahood #beautyinmotherhood

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I do not enjoy being in photos. In fact, it makes me deeply uncomfortable – one of those things I try to avoid unless I absolutely must. But today, I am making an exception. Today marks the start of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. For that, I am willing to get in front of the camera and put some slap on for my #SmearforSmear selfie – two things that are pretty rare. Did you know: – Smear tests prevent 75% of all cervical cancers – But 1 in 4 women don’t attend their smear test – that’s 1.2 million women not attending every year – Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35 – Smear tests provide the best protection against the disease BUT attendance is falling across the UK, we’re at a 20 year low in England – The reasons women don’t attend are wide ranging, including embarrassment, fear, not thinking it’s important, not understanding what it’s for and simply putting it off. Sometimes, we know that we should do something, but we ignore that nagging little voice that tells us not to put it off. Having a smear test is not something that most women look forward to – but they absolutely can save your life. I had my most recent one the year after Littlest was born, so I am not due yet. If you have been putting those letters to one side and ignoring that little voice, please, book your smear test as soon as you can. #selfie #Ukparentbloggers #cervicalcancerawareness

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Top Daddy Cooks Food Instagram Posts



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Have you heard of Ísey Skyr? Skyr is a dairy product that has been an integral part of Icelandic culture and cuisine for centuries. High in protein, low in fat and with a delicious creamy taste and texture, Ísey Skyr is something you need to try if you have not done so already. The dairy product can also be used in baking and add a delicious touch to cakes and bakes. @IseySkyrUK asked us to come up with a recipe using their delicious products and I am so, so pleased with the results. This Raspberry and White Chocolate Skyr cake uses Vanilla Ísey Skyr and it is absolutely divine – a real show stopper but with minimal effort. You can find the full recipe in my bio and more information in my stories. #whitechocolatecake #skyr ad

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Other Achievements

I was lucky enough to become a Johnson’s Ambassador in 2018, and attending the quarterly meetings has been so much fun. I have loved creating the content and getting to know everyone, both bloggers and the lovely team at Johnson’s.

I also had the opportunity to be the guest parenting editor for Blogosphere magazine for several issues. It was so much fun to be able to showcase other bloggers I love, such as Hannah from Hi Baby Blog, Lauren from Dilan and Me and Amber from Meet the Wildes. (Check them out!)

Blogosphere magazine on page with guest editor

2018 has been a quieter year, but a no less fulfilling one. I continue to derive so much pleasure, both from the content and creativity of my blog, and through the connections I have forged with other bloggers, parents and autistic adults.

Here’s to another year of Someone’s Mum.

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