Win a Pair of Indestructible School Shoes from Treads

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Biggest has always been a cautious child. Being behind with motor skills, and generally anxious, he was never in a rush to run, jump and climb like many children his age. His school shoes for Reception lasted the whole year. They were barely even scratched when he broke up for the Summer. I heard other parents complain about how expensive school shoes were, and how quickly they were ruined, and I did not know whether to feel happy that I was not shelling out a fortune or a little sad that my boy did not join in with activities that made for scuffed shoes and flushed cheeks.

Since he started Year 1, there have been huge changes. He is much more settled and confident. As a result, he has come on in leaps and bounds – not just in his studies, but with motor skills, emotional development and with his personal relationships.

In the second week of term, he came home with the toes of his new school shoes entirely scuffed bare.

It turns out that he had been “practising” his running in the playground with some other children. I did not care a jot that his shoes were pretty much ruined.

Treads Indestructible Shoes

It was just at that time that Treads approached me to try out their range of indestructible school shoes. Check out the competition to win a pair below.

Treads was formed by Simon Locke, a single dad and marketing director with UK-wide shoe and multi-retailer, BVG Group. Simon fed up of having to continually replace his son’s school shoes and frustrated at wasting hundreds of pounds every year on shoes that were simply not lasting. He decided to tackle the problem by creating his very own indestructible shoe brand, using his experience in the industry.

Treads in the box

Treads shoes feature reinforced heels and seams, combined with shock absorbing insoles, to provide additional strength and prevent scuffing through stamping and knocks. They are made with techniques usually reserved for safety shoes, meaning that they are incredibly hard wearing.
Treads also have a removable base layer which can increase the width of the shoe from a standard to a wide fitting – perfect for growing kids!

Treads for Girls.

Littlest has always been extremely active and adventurous – she already gets through shoes very quickly. I was delighted to learn that Treads have just released a range for girls. I know she will need them when she is a bit bigger! Treads are working on new designs for girls’ shoes too, including Mary Janes style shoes and shoes with Velcro straps, which will be available in the summer.

Treads for girls

Treads – Our Verdict

As soon as I opened the box, I could tell the shoes were extremely high quality. They feel much more sturdy than other school shoes. They also seemed very well padded and comfortable. One of Biggest’s first school runs in them was on a very icy day and they also seemed to give excellent grip.

During the first week, I could tell that Biggest had been putting them through their paces, as the toes had scratches from the playground on them. However, it seems the playground came off worse as they were superficial scratches and wiped off easily – the toes were not scuffed like his previous pair, despite having the same treatment.

Now at nearly three weeks in, they honestly look as pristine as when we received them. I really think that Treads are the solution to the shoe problems that so many parents have.

Treads in action on the play equipment.

I honestly think that, as long as Biggest’s feet do not outgrow them, these shoes will last the whole school year. In fact, Treads are so confident about this that their shoes come with a year guarantee. If you are a parent who has had to buy more than one pair of school shoes already this year, definitely check them out.

Win a Pair of Treads for Your Child

One reader could be in with a chance to win a pair of these amazing shoes for their child. You can enter via the Rafflecopter below. Please note, terms and conditions apply and entrants must be UK residents. T&Cs can be found here –

Treads T&Cs

Good luck!

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110 thoughts on “Win a Pair of Indestructible School Shoes from Treads

  1. my son would love a pair because he is constantly having to have them replaced, he’s a typical little boy lol x

  2. My son would love these as he’s flying through shoes like no tomorrow, he’s autistic also and scuffs shoes within a day, I’ve shown him these shoes and he says he’d love them as they’d make him run faster! x

  3. They would hopefully help my son he has dyspraxia and is always falling over I buy so many shoes these seem really good

  4. Its always a great feeling for a kid having nice new shoes or trainers, after all they have magic powers that make you run faster lol.

  5. I am fed up buying new shoes for my son every few months – he loves kicking stuff and dragging his feet when riding his scooter.

  6. I have both a boy and a girl who must make a pact before every school term – who can ruin their shoes the quickest, I was a mean Mum last year and told them that even with holes in their shoes they were going to where them until the last day of school!!! I need something that’s hard to break!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Son is always needing new shoes. they have a nice play area at school, so hes always climbing and crawling around, all of which wears his shoes down really quickly.

  8. Many thanks for this fantastic review and giveaway. My little one scuffs shoes within say a day or two of purchase! Some of the school mum’s joke with me that we beat all the records for how many new shoes in a new school year! And it’s not a record we are proud of! I’ve tried Clarke and M&as scuff-resistant shoes but to no avail. Thanks again for recommending this company.

  9. My son would love a smart new pair of shoes. I’m not sure I’d tell my son they were indestructible though! He’d see it as a challenge. I’d love them as I really hate how quickly he goes through normal shoes!

  10. She’s one of those who shuffles, takes after me as a child, would be great for a pair of shoes to last more than a month!!

  11. Indestructable you say?? Sounds like the sort of thing my son needs! I’m one pair of shoes away from buying him a pair of reinforced steel-toe army boots!

  12. My youngest absolutely destroys shoes, even the clarks “tough toe, covered in rubber ones” look like they’ve been around for years of abuse after one week! I’d be happy with these if they lasted a term, I’d be stunned if the lasted a year 😂 I think my son would love the look of them as well.

  13. I would love to try the shoes from treads for my little one never heard of them before would love to see how they are compared to clarks!

  14. Mason would love these shoes and the opportunity to be smart wearing them as he is just starting to take pride in his appearance

  15. My son puts his shoes through their paces and if these come anywhere close to being indestructible I’d be over the moon. x

  16. I’m sure my daughter would love these, as they look super comfy which they would love. I would love them as my daughter keeps ruining all of her shoes and is costing me an arm and a leg.

  17. My Grandson loves getting new shoes, but they never seem tough enough, these look like they would withstand quite a bit!

  18. I have gone through two pairs of shoes for my little boy since September already, would be great to give these a try.

  19. Shoes are a necessity. Children seem to grow out of shoes so quickly, so a prize / gift of shoes is very welcome. Looking good can be helpful for building a healthy sense of self, self-esteem. Shoes can be required for a variety of occasions :- Such as school, sports, hobbies, parties, etc,etc. Treads being durable would be such a bonus for schooldays, etc.

  20. I’d love pair of the girl ones for Harmony (or to be honest the way she destroys them even a boys pair!), she also has gross motor delays which manifests in falling a lot, added to the fact she loves using her scooter , scoot along car and bike with stabilisers and learning to skate board with her big brother its safe to say the school run is always eventful and she pretty much destroys her shoes within a few weeks!

  21. I would like to try them to see how hard wearing they are. Son’s shoes do get easily scuffed. My son is happy with whatever shoes he wears as long as they are comfortable.

  22. I would love these for my son, who seems to go through school shoes like no tomorrow 🙂 these look great!

  23. My son loves shoes and loves nothing better than a trip to the shoe shop. He would love these. He goes through shoes so quick.

  24. My son would love them because they look so comfy and being indestructible shoes I’m sure he would enjoy playtime that much more.

  25. Perfect school shoes made to last for my daughter. Only shoes I buy at min for her for school is clarks

  26. My son needs these, its crazy the amount of shoes he goes through, he would love an indestructible pair, would mean less trips to the shoe shop(he hates shopping)

  27. It would be great to have a pair of school shoes that are rugged and tough enough to last a few terms of school, especially boys shoes!

  28. My grandson would love these as he is an adventurous boy and get his shoes messed up very easily!

  29. My son starts school in September and he is a but of a monkey so I don’t think school shoes will last long!

  30. My grandson started school and already wearing his shoes out he’d like these he likes smart shoes

  31. Because he does not like getting new shoes and at the moment we are going through 2 pairs every school year

  32. My daughter wears hers shoes out far too quickly for some reason so it would be great to win a pair that are more durable, thanks for the chance x

  33. my grandson loves to play football in the school yard, which means that they don’t last very long, I am hoping if I win a pair of these they will last him a bit longer than weeks

  34. I would love to win a pair of treads for my grandson because he goes through his school shoes very quickly!

  35. My youngest son is starting reception in September. He is an adventurous soul who is always outdoors and getting messy. A pair of treads would be ideal for him as I think normal shoes would get broken quite easily.

  36. Having read this Dad’s story and myself coming from the county famous for shoemaking, I believe that my grandson would benefit from a tough pair of school shoes made from the same materials and technology as adult construction shoe wear.

  37. My daughter has been through 3 pairs this year – all sorts of problems from leather scuffing off, buckles falling off and even soles rubbing away!

  38. My daughter Heidi would love a pair of treads shoes because she loves school shoes, She would love the Velcro ones, Treads shoes look super comfy and of good quality so they would be long lasting.

  39. My son has already wrecked his school shoes from September, even with the extra tough bumpers! Keen to try indestructible ones!

  40. I would love some of these shoes for my boisterous 3 year old who will be starting school in September. He really needs some hard wearing ones so these sound perfect x

  41. My son much prefers shoes that fasten with Velcro and many of the styles are aimed at children much younger than him so are unsuitable, mainly because of the style but because they do not go up to his size. These look very stylish and he would be very happy with these.

  42. For one of my younger grandchikdren! The cost of school shoes is so expensive, especially if they have to accommodate orthotics.

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