Lottie Dolls Loyal Companion and Treehouse Review and Giveaway

left side of image shows boy playing with doll with headphones on. Right side shows Loyal companion autistic doll against doll's house.

Lottie Dolls were launched in 2012 and they aim to create dolls which allow children to play – imaginatively and adventurously – and to have fun. Not only are Lottie Dolls sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured, but they are also passionate about making sure their dolls reflect the diversity that children see in real life. Make sure you check out the giveaway below to be in with a chance of winning a Loyal Companion Doll AND a Lottie Wooden treehouse for your child.

Lottie aims to make representation a key part of what they do, so that all children, regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity, find a doll the represents them and helps them to use play to explore and grow. They are also keen proponents of promoting STEM toys and activities for children.
In fact, Stargazer Lottie even travelled to the International Space station with ESA Astronaut Tim Peake.

Snow Queen from Lottie Dolls being played with by a small girl lying on her back

Recently, Lottie contacted us to ask if we would like to review a new doll in their range – Loyal Companion. The new doll is based on a boy not that far from Lottie Doll’s main HQ called Hayden. Hayden is roughly the same age as Biggest and is also autistic. The new doll includes t-shirt inspired by the real-life Hayden, an astronaut in training jumpsuit, Cookie, a loyal companion dog with a blue bandana (signalling that he is trained to assist an autistic child), headphones to keep out high noise volumes and sunglasses to shield eyes from bright lights.

They also very kindly let us review a doll for Littlest too, Sophia the Snow Queen, which she picked herself.

Lottie Dolls

Lottie chooses vibrant colours and tactile fabrics for each set of doll’s clothes and they pay close attention to the tiny details – button, linings, stitching – that make kids’ toys special. The attention to detail is just amazing and it made both my children feel like they had received something really special.

Each doll comes with a range of really thoughtful accesories that add to the magical experience of playing.

Loyal Companion Doll  from Lottie Dolls in box
Sophia Snow Queen from Lottie Dolls in box

Lottie Dolls and Loyal Companion – Our Verdict

As soon as Biggest saw a doll that was autistic, just like him, his face lit up. Lottie has really strived to create a doll that represents a positive view of autistic individuals while helping them to feel accepted and making their supports normalised. I love the fact that the Loyal Companion has a support dog and ear-defenders – and so did Biggest. He has been playing with his doll a lot since he received it.

Littlest, of course, chose a doll that was pretty and ‘princess-like’ and she has always loved such things. She and Biggest played with both dolls together though, acting out situations in the Lottie Wooden Treehouse (also gifted to us). At times, Snow Queen Sophia was wearing the Ear-defenders because it was ‘too noisy’ and both children completely accepted an autistic boy, a Snow Queen and a support dog as part of their imaginary world. I truly believe that the inclusion of dolls like the Loyal Companion doll will help to make autistic children feel more accepted and confident.

The Wooden Treehouse was also a beautiful accessory to play. The attention to detail is stunning and thoughtful.

Overall, we truly loved Lottie Dolls. They are beautifully made and promote a wonderful message for all children – that no matter who you are, you can dream big, learn through play and create something magical.

Giveaway – Win a Loyal Companion Doll AND Wooden Treehouse

To win a Loyal Companion Doll for your child, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. Entrants must be UK residents and other terms and conditions apply which can be found in Rafflecopter and here – Lottie Dolls Competition T&Cs

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note, we were gifted the Lottie Loyal Companion, Snow Queen and Muddy Puddles Wooden Treehouse for the purposes of this review. We received no other compensation and all opinions are my own. For more information, see our Disclosure Policy.

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61 thoughts on “Lottie Dolls Loyal Companion and Treehouse Review and Giveaway

  1. My cousins would love the doll as it is so pretty & great to teach about equality and diversity at a young age xx
    Thanks x

  2. My grandchildren would love to play with a Loyal Companion doll when they come for their sleepovers. It’s lovely to have good quality toys for them to play with and this one makes them aware and accepting that some of us are different but none the less important

  3. Lottie are UNIQUE and SPECIAL – don’t care to much about stereotype dolls – these help inspire
    My NEICE WOULD be thrilled Thankyou

  4. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  5. Because they are different to the dolls which are in the shops now, they look life like and are cute

  6. My daughter would love a doll because she has always loved imaginative play and dolls are her absolute favourite at the moment 😊

  7. My nieces would love this, and my son would love to have a play too, he likes playing with most toys

  8. any child should have this doll . . I think it helps children understand that others can feel uncomfortable and anxious in certain situations

  9. This would be a great first doll for my daughter, she’s coming up to the age they become important lol!

  10. This mum could see her playing with her daughter as it brings back memories of my dolls house. Which i loved. A tree house is just as exciting

  11. My nephew would love one of these dolls. It’s nice to see a doll that is accessible to both boys and girls.

  12. They look fab the fact they don’t have that non realistic fake body look and the fact they show equality inclusion and diversity makes it a win win for me

  13. The children love dolls and would love to come up with fun and imaginative stories for the doll and it’s great that it’s a realistic and diverse doll for children to see and play with

  14. My daughter Violet would love a doll, she’s a special girl, my young carer, and she takes her playtime into a world imagination, fantasy and joy, she loves imaginary play

  15. I love they look like children, they don’t have unrealistic body proportions, tons of make up and most importantly cover diversity like Autism. My daughter Charlotte would love this.

  16. My daughter would love this as she spends hours just playing imaginary games with dolls and these dolls are such good quality

  17. I’d love a loyal companion doll for my daughter would absolutely love one! They’re adorable xxx

  18. My daughter will be super thrilled and making play more exciting and love dressing up her dolls.

  19. They’d love all the accessories that goes with them as well as role playing with the dolls.

  20. My son is autistic and I showed him the doll and he loved it. Miles is autistic and has a companion dog called Leo, Miles was really intrigued about Hayden and thinks it’s a great idea to base a doll on an autistic child, I’d really love this for Miles and let him know that dolls are not just for girls

  21. My daughter is Autistic herself so I think she would love a Companion Doll as it would relate to her and be a friend for her Lottie doll

  22. These are cute and pretty fab. More importantly they are not computers and encourage imagination, creativity and interaction .

  23. My daughter had one but lost it, she was so sad about it – I would love to replace this for her

  24. My niece would love this, as her favourite way to play is role playing with dolls. So having a nice doll like this, and a little house for it would keep her entertained for hours.

  25. Harmony and Drake would love one as their 2 aunties are autistic (one in a wheelchair too) and they love their wheelchair dolls which remind them of them so I am sure they would love one with ear defenders as well

  26. My son loves dolls (but is embarrassed to tell his friends, which I don’t think he should be). This would show him that we are okay with it 🙂

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