Outdoor Adventures with James Wellbeloved

Family with dog on the left, muddy Springer Spaniel on a log on the right

Hooray for longer days, milder weather and long weekend walks in beautiful surroundings. Our Springer Spaniel, Willow, is in her element when we are walking in the Forest of Dean. May is National Walking month and, to celebrate it, James Wellbeloved asked us to share one of our favourite places for a family walk and try out their grain-free dog food. James Wellbeloved has been our food of choice for Willow since she joined our family two years ago, so we were thrilled to work with them and share one of our favourite pastimes and one of our favourite brands.

Pet owners have trusted James Wellbeloved to make wholesome and healthy food for their four-legged friends for the past 25 years. Their tasty recipes are made with simple ingredients and are full of goodness, meaning your pet can live their very best life. I think you’ll agree, Willow looks like she is doing just that with her friend Frankie. A muddy Springer Spaniel is a happy Springer Spaniel!

Springer Spaniel and Jack Russel sitting on a log

Family walks in The Forest of Dean.

Willow’s favourite place for an outdoor adventure is undoubtedly The Forest of Dean. The Cyril Hart Arboretum is situated in Coleford in the beautiful Forest of Dean and is a short drive from where we live in Gloucestershire. It was established in 1915 and is home to over 200 tree species. 

The arboretum has a great range of paths, with both surfaced options that are easily accessible for pushchairs and some slightly wilder routes for the more adventurous. There is also a fenced area making the arboretum popular with dog walkers.

We absolutely love to walk in the forest – and so does Willow. I honestly think it may be her favourite place in the whole world and it is not hard to see why. The surroundings are breathtaking, including the majestic trees and mesmerising rhododendrons. It also has easy paths that Biggest can cope with (and there are frequent benches if he needs a rest!)

Famlily sitting on bench  in forest with dog running in front

James Wellbeloved Wet Grain-free Pouches

When given correctly cooked grain as a food ingredient, intolerance in dogs is relatively uncommon – but when it does occur, it can be distressing for the dog and the owner. An increasing number of dog owners are not taking any chances and are going straight to grain free.

Small girl walking in a forest with a dog in the distance

We had been feeding Willow on regular James Wellbeloved wet and dry products, with grains, but she absolutely loved the wet grain free dog food pouches too. I think we will definitely add them to her regular diet. Willow really seemed to prefer the taste and, as the product is hypoallergenic, we know we are taking no chances that she may have an intolerance. I have rarely seen her devour any dog food up so quickly and thoroughly – and she is a walking vacuum!

Springer Spaniel eating from bowl with James Wellbeloved pouch in the foreground

James Wellbeloved grain free food is made using a recipe without cereal – but instead uses a mix of tasty vegetables.

Spending time as a family as seeing the children and Willow so vibrant and full of life is certainly the highlight four outdoor adventures. Hopefully, we have many more adventures with Willow ahead of us and she stays healthy and active with the best food and exercise.

Springer Spaniel and Jack Russell in Bluebells for James Wellbeloved

This post is a paid advertorial in conjunction with James Wellbeloved but all thoughts are my own. We genuinely used James Wellbeloved before they approached us. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

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19 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventures with James Wellbeloved

  1. It’s so important to get outdoors as much as possible now the better weather is here. Lovely for kids to be able to share the experience with pets too.

  2. Ooh must try this for my own four legged pooch ! I’ve never heard of that brand,but am always looking for good healthy option for “Lola”😉 as for the runs in the woods ,there’s nothing like it eh?! And it’s great having the dog cos you have to run them and running the dog plus kids is always a winner 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Lovely pictures in the beautiful forest of dean. I have family who live there and it really is a great place to get out for a walk and an adventure! Love your dogs – so cute!

  4. Such a fun and great experience you had. Looks like the kids really enjoyed it. Quality time is really important for every family.

  5. Going outdoors Is so much fun and is seriously underrated in my opinion! The dogs look like they had a blast!

  6. I’ve not heard of this range before – it sounds like great quality and a great option for those who want to be a bit more discerning about what they feed their dogs.

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