How to make a Rainbow Paper Flower Wreath

Rainbow Paper Flower Wreath Feature

Summer is a time for bright colours and sunshine and this paper flower wreath is the perfect addition to your cheerful summer decor. It is also a great way to celebrate Pride month in June and to show solidarity with Autistic Pride Day which also takes place in June. You can adapt the paper flowers used in this wreath to suit any colour scheme though – just pick tissue paper in the hues you prefer.

Finished Rainbow Flower Wreath with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet paper flowers

Paper Flower Wreath – You Will Need:

Coloured tissue or crepe paper
Strong card or cardboard wreaths
Stapler and staples OR string/twine

Method for making flowers

To make the flowers you will need squares of layered tissue paper. 5 layers of tissue paper work well. The squares can be of equal size or get smaller in size, with the biggest square on the bottom. The bigger the bottom square, the larger the flower. For my wreath, I used a mixture of sizes, ranging from about 15cm to 8cm.

Once you have five layers of tissue or crepe paper in your required size, fold into a concertina shape. You must then secure the paper in the middle. For this, you could use a stapler, or tie with twine as I did.

Images to show the stages of making paper flowers

Next, cut each end of the concertina so that it resembles a flower shape. You can round the edges to make round petals, pointed petals, fringing petals or any other shape you would like. I used a variety of shapes for my flowers.

Creating the Wreath

Once you have a range of shapes, colours and sizes, you are ready to start placing them on the ring shape. You can either use ready-made cardboard wreaths or make your own. I used a large plate and a smaller plate to make mine.

Several images of making the flowers

For added detail, you can also scrunch up small balls of tissue paper to create a centre for your flowers. As I was making a rainbow wreath, I arranged my flowers in colour order. However, you may arrange them in whatever shape, size and colour pattern you would like. Make sure you cover the whole wreath. You can use smaller flowers to fill in any gaps.

Some paper flowers partially filling the circle-shaped wreath

Once you have filled the whole circle, all that remains is to add a loop of string to back in order to hang the wreath. This paper flower wreath looks great on walls or on the front door to welcome people with a cheerful summer vibe.

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