Building Maths Confidence with Numerise

Boy enjoying Maths app Numerise at a computer This is a paid collaboration with Numerise. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

One of the huge challenges parents face at the moment is ensuring that our kids are not falling behind in their schoolwork. Even though schools are now open, there are still individual closures and isolation bubbles taking place all over the country. And if there is one subject likely to make many parents tear out their hair, it is probably Maths. Numerise is a Maths app for 11-16 year-olds that can support your child right from the end of primary school through to GCSE.

Although Biggest is a long way off Secondary school, he is particularly gifted (and inexhaustibly interested!) in Maths. It has become quite a challenge for us to make sure he is properly stretched. We were really excited to try Numerise as it has challenging material but with a very user-friendly interface, meaning we were hopeful that Biggest would find it fun. We were not disappointed. Read on to find out more about the app.

Numerise currently has a two-week free trial so it is the perfect time to sign up and try for free.

Boy using Numerise app

Building Confidence with Numerise

Numerise is an easy way to build confidence in Maths at home. And, as part of their ‘Get Maths Confident’ campaign, they’ve launched a Confidence Lab including a huge range of resources to help your child gain confidence in Maths.

  • An empowering, confidence-building playlist
  • Some fabulous brain-boosting recipes
  • And, lots of videos and downloads to help conquer Maths anxiety for good
Numerise Support video
One of thousands of videos available to support Maths learning,

After the two-week FREE trial, you can get Numerise for only £7.99 a month with their new revised prices.

Our Verdict

Numerise is the perfect Maths app for Biggest. As he is autistic, he can often find some apps difficult to manage and quite stressful. Most Maths app we have tried previously had things like timers and red strikes for wrong answers. These things provoke huge anxiety with Biggest and often make him less confident, even though the Maths is at his level.

Very happy boy next to maths app on a laptop.

Numerise is different. The questions are extremely easy to navigate. The questions are simply phrased and the screen around them is uncluttered. There is no pressure to complete questions or noisy consequences for wrong answers.

Numerise answer page

As we can choose by topic and year group, it also makes it really easy to cater to Edward exactly and make sure he is challenged without losing confidence. We loved the way the questions and topics are arranged as it gives Biggest complete control, reducing anxiety significantly.

Parents/carers and learners can also track all of the amazing progress being made in their personal dashboards and celebrate success together.

Numerise works well on browsers on all difference kinds of devices. Biggest has tried it on the laptop, his tablet and my phone. All of them were easy to use.

If you have 11-16 year-olds at home (or younger Maths whizzes) I cannot recommend this app highly enough. It is so stress-free and easy to use. As there is a two-week free trial there is absolutely nothing to lose.

You can also check out the Numerise social feeds on Instagram (@Numerise_), Facebook (Numerise) and Twitter (@Numerise_). Numerise is brought to you by the brains behind award-winning Sparx Maths and HegartyMaths – already helping over 1.4 million learners around the world. 

Boy using Numerise on a laptop

Please note, this is a paid collaboration with Numerise. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

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3 thoughts on “Building Maths Confidence with Numerise

  1. This is great thanks, my older one could definitely use this 🙂
    We’ve also been using mathletics, which isn’t free – but is pretty good.

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