The Growable Calendar – a gift of more than just time.

Two images, one with a girl watering some plants and another with a close up of the calendar with gardening equipement next to it. This is a paid collaboration with Primoza. For more information, please see out Disclosure Policy.

The end of the year creeps ever closer and the time for buying a new calendar approaches. Or perhaps you always give and receive calendars at Christmas? Either way, the Growable Calendar from Primoza is a way to make a calendar more than a gift with an expiry date. We are delighted to be partnering with Primoza to be able to show off the Growable Calendar, a calendar that can be started at any time and which comes with 12 sets of easy to grow seeds, meaning it is so much more than a way to mark the passing of time.

We were gifted the ‘Jack of all Trades’ calendar to try, as it is suitable for anyone with any level of gardening experience and can be grown using a window ledge. I was excited to try some more gardening with Littlest, as we had great fun together growing some sunflowers over the summer holidays. The Growable Calendar seemed like the perfect way to introduce us to expanding this new hobby together.

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Close up of the Growable calendar

Growable Calendar – How it Works

The way the Growable Calendar works makes gardening incredibly easy and fun. Each month comes with a dedicated plant for that month and seed paper attached to the calendar. Seed paper is very easy to use – you simply rip the sheet up so that the seeds are separated, scatter the seeds and cover them in the soil, water, and voila – in a few days you will see your new plants sprouting. It was so easy to do that Littlest did most of it when we planted our first month. As you can see from our images, she had an absolutely brilliant time getting involved with the planting.

Girl moving soil with gardening tools on left, seed paper on soil on the right.

The Jack of All Trades kit is perfect for people with limited gardening experience and comes with everything you need. As well as the Growable Calendar with seed paper, you also get a beautiful terracotta bowl to start growing, wooden markers to record your plant types and a nifty little squeezy watering device. Littlest loved the watering the most because the pipette-style watering was so much fun!

Girl watering plants

The terracotta pot is the perfect size for a window ledge and is a great way to start off plants that can then be moved to bigger pots, or veg patches, once they are a little bigger. The Jack of All Trades Growable Calendar is also great for those who have limited outdoor space, as you can grow plants in a window box or on a balcony easily.

Terracotta bowl on the window ledge

Online Content

Each Calendar comes with a code that allows you to register your calendar online, giving you access to loads of information, extra instructions and gardening tips. With each new month comes a new plant and with Primoza’s Friends with Plants community, you can get more information on the planting process and the uses for your harvested plants. This month, we planted Leaf Mustard (Rouge Metis) and you can click the link to see the wealth of extra information available. However, you do not need to access the internet to enjoy the calendar and planting alone.

The Growable Calendar – Our Verdict

The Growable Calendar would make a gift for both experienced and new gardeners and is a great alternative to a traditional calendar. There is the potential for the calendar to provide a whole year of fun activities and help you get on your way to mastering a new hobby.

Girl in gardening apron holding up the Growable Calendar

We found that the calendar was also an exciting way to introduce children to gardening. The monthly seed paper and different projects bring an element of wonder and surprise to the process. In addition, the planting is easy to undertake, meaning even little thumbs can get involved and become green thumbs. Littlest certainly loved the planting process and has been checking our bowl every day for signs of growth. She did not have too long to wait as a few days after we planted our Leaf Mustard started to sprout. The wonder of real plants emerging from the little pieces of paper we planted really did awe Littlest, so this is a great way to get bonding with the kids, possibly share some time outside, and learn about nature.

Girl writing on wooden marker to lable plants from the Growable Calendar

Overall we were really impressed with the Growable Calendar. If you are looking for an unusual gift, or you simply would love to start gardening but are not sure now, this calendar is perfect. As mentioned above, it is also an excellent and easy way to get kids excited about gardening. We can’t wait to start harvesting our new plants and exploring all the ways they can be used and eaten too.

Remember, for more information on how to get hold of a Growable Calendar, in either the Jack of All Trades or the Back to the Roots format for more advanced gardeners, visit You can get 10% off your whole order now with the discount code DANIELLE10.

This is a paid collaboration with Primoza. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

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