12 Things I have learned since my first Autism Awareness Day

Wild Mushroom and Chicken Tagliatelle

Egg-shaped Paper Mache Easter Lanterns

On Telling You that You are Autistic

Pork Loin Stuffed with Pecorino and Garlic – with Thermapen

Driving Me Up the Wall – The DVLA, Driving Tests and Me

Stuttering and Autism

The Balancing Act

The Picture Does Not Show it

Pear and Caramel Trifle with Handmade Jazzies

Gold Pineapple, Cherry & Banana Cake – with Del Monte

Festive Winter Vegetables with Honey

Baby Hair

Someone’s Daughters

You think you’re grown-up. The hastily wiped-off lip gloss and false eyelashes that I confiscated before assembly beg the world to see it – but

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When We are Lost

We have had a few difficult days. If I’m honest, they’ve turned into difficult weeks. My Instagram feed doesn’t show it, because my phone isn’t

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Blogging Holiday

I have been overwhelmed by the success of my work so far. In just three short months of blogging, my site has received 123,424 unique

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