10 reasons healthy living is so hard for mums – with Fatkiller Club

Reasons mums find it hard to find time to exercise with Fatkiller Club

It is so hard to be healthy when you are in charge of small people. So hard. For a start, you are perpetually exhausted. And it doesn’t matter how much that internal voice (well, external, in the form of my husband in my case) reminds you that exercising would give you more energy because of, you know, endorphins and stuff. If you have been up for three hours in the night, started your day at 5 am, and have spent the last eight hours listening to a four year-old ask for snacks every thirty seconds, the last thing you want to do when you get a moment is go to the gym or run 5k. Luckily, Fatkiller Club may be the answer to busy mums’ exercising and healthy eating problems.

But first, why do some mums find it so hard to keep fit and eat well? The reasons are many and varied…

10 reasons healthy living is so hard for mums

  1. Time. In reality, there is probably enough time in the day to squeeze exercising in, if we want to. But time to ourselves is particularly precious. When we finally close the door on our sleeping children for the night, or get an afternoon entirely to ourselves, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to exercise. Because wine. And Netflix.
  2. Goupies. If you don’t know what these chocolatey, chewy bites of heaven are, don’t click the link. Once they are in your life, you can never go back.
  3. Leftovers. It is impossible not to eat at least one of the crusts when preparing toast or sandwiches for children. Impossible.
  4. Children are slow walkers. I used to walk everywhere before I had children. I walked forty minutes to and from work, every day. When the children were very small, I walked for hours with them in the buggy. Unfortunately, we are now at the stage where they refuse to be pushed anywhere, but walk far too slowly and don’t have the endurance to walk for any kind of distance that would constitute useful exercise.
  5. If we try to exercise at home, kids are always there with excellent motivational advice. For example, “Mummy, why does your tummy wobble so much?” and “Mummy, your face has gone very red!”
  6. Sometimes, hiding behind a cupboard door and cramming as many chocolate digestives into your mouth as you can before discovery is the only bright spot in an otherwise painfully long day.
  7. Equipment. We can’t use the exercise bike or stepper with toddlers in the room. They are intent on standing 2 mm from the pedals and almost severely injuring themselves on any home exercise equipment in reach.
  8. Dieting and exercising on less than 5 hours sleep should not be allowed.
  9. We already have to make sure we find time to shower regularly enough to maintain the pretence of being a useful member of society. If we exercise, we will have to find the time to shower afterwards too.
  10. The kids get really grumpy at around 4 pm because lunch was ages ago and it’s too close to tea for another snack. And so do we. Dieting mums know the true meaning of the word hangry. When the hanger comes, the only cure is eating Ben & Jerry’s direct from the tub…


Biggest and Mummy do jumping jacks for Fatkiller Club - Gif
They do look pretty cute when trying to join in with jumping jacks though…

How Fatkiller Club can help mums

Fatkiller Club is an online fitness platform. It was to make a healthy lifestyle available for anyone, anywhere. The big difference from a gym membership and the advantage of the program is that Fatkillers can do their program anytime and anywhere.

Busy mum? Working full-time? Juggling so much that you have no time to go to the gym? No more excuses! You have everything you need at your place. Grab a bottle of water, spread out the mat, GO!

Fatkiller Club works by particpants starting a 4 week ‘season’ of tasks to try to form healthy habits. You get your own ‘coach’. Being a part of the Fatkiller Club is like having your own online personal trainer.

Right now you can get a FREE week when you sign up for Fatkiller Club here.


In addition, readers of Someone’s Mum can then get a huge 25% off using the promo code smum25. This gives 25% off the full course, which lasts 4 weeks, and its valid till the 31st of March. So the best way to get value for money is to sign for a free trial week on 19th of March and join the full 4-week programme from the 26th with the promotion code.

Fatkiller Club App

Fatkiller Club – Verdict


Everything you need is at your fingertips. Not only do you get exercises, shopping lists and daily challenges, you also get personal feedback from Fatkiller Club’s coaches, videos demonstrating each exercise clearly and really useful measuring charts to document your progress clearly. I really approve of a measurement, rather than weight-based, success criteria because my weight is always in the unhealthy range, even when I am a size 10!

There are two extras that I really love about Fatkiller Club. The first is the way you can share you progress and get involved through Fatkiller Club’s social media channels. There are other fun challenges like getting rid of you favourite sweet treat in a cruel and unusual way and using the hashtags #imfatkiller and #sweetkiller. You can also use hashtag #fatkillerclub to document any part of your Fatkiller Club journey – meals, exercises etc.

As I am someone who loves to overshare on social media, this extra fun really appeals to me.

I also love the various ways that Fatkiller Club make taking part like a game. You get points for completing various tasks. There is also a user points chart but you can be anonymous in that if you wish.

Fatkiller Club App

There is also an app that you can use to record all sorts of information, from your water consumption to your daily meals and snacks:

Fatkiller Club App


Some of the exercises are quite challenging to start doing straight away (I’m thinking of you, burpees) and there aren’t alternatives for beginners (like me). Having said this, you do have access to Fatkiller Clubs coaches, who may be able to give you some personal feedback suggestions.

There are some great suggestions about healthy eating and foods to try. For example, there are challenges like eating a meal with only raw vegetables. However, more specific recipes and pictures of the meals would be helpful.

Although filling in reports and sharing your progress with photos and videos can be fun, I think this element could put some people off. You don’t have to share, and only the Fatkiller coaches will see you exercising if you upload videos to them, but I think this isn’t made entirely clear in some of the documentation.

Raw vegetables - Fatkiller Club


Fatkiller costs just 42 Euros, or about £37 for a 4 week season. However, with the free week and the discount smum25, you could get 5 weeks for under £28. This is great value for money and, unlike gym membership or other subscriptions, you don’t have to make a longer commitment. Sign up on the 19th of March to get the best value for money.

Sign up for Fatkiller today here.

If you are serious about getting fit, I really think Fatkiller Club could be a hugely useful alternative to gym membership.

Fatkiller Club can help mums to exercise and eat healthily

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Fatkiller Club and we received a free subscription to try the service out*

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