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Wicked Uncle Feature - Pictures of a boy playing with football tables, some origami and an origami papaer set This is a paid collaboration with Wicked Uncle. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

My children are getting to an age where it is almost impossible to come up with ideas for them at Christmas and birthdays. Biggest has always been hard to buy for, as he has never shown an interest in the toys and games that are usually popular with his peers. Lately, as Littlest gets bigger, she is also increasingly less inclined to be interested in mainstream toys. That is why we are happy to be partnering with Wicked Uncle once again, to showcase some of the creative and unusual gifts available.

Wicked Uncle has a huge range of gifts available and their site has helpful age range settings to make searching for the perfect gift a breeze. Their gifts are a little different to what you might find in an average toy shop. The focus is on toys and games that inspire creativity, STEM skills and things that provoke awe and curiosity.

A boy playing with magnetic football tables from Wicked Uncle

We are huge fans and I have been buying gifts from them regularly since we first encountered them in 2016. From Glow T-Shirts you can draw on to Tape Measures with silly facts, Galileo Thermometers, Glitter Lights and Bouncing Planets, their gifts are guaranteed to make your child say “Ohhhhh wow that is so cool!” (These are all genuine items that I have purchased myself from the site, over the last few years.)

This time, we were lucky enough to be gifted with some items to review here and you can see what we thought of them below.

Gifts for Littlest – Origami Art Creations and the Anywhere Light

For Littlest, we chose the Origami Art Creations set and the Anywhere Light. She is extremely creative and can often be found making things – sticking and glueing and drawing. The origami set is full of beautiful paper of many designs and the helpful booklet contains things to make for all ages and difficulty levels. We had great fun making things together!

A girl folding paper with colourful paper spread out in front of her.

This was the perfect activity for Littlest to enjoy and a gift that brings so many benefits. As well as developing her creativity and motor skills, it also provides quality time together. This gift will see much more use than many of the plastic toys and figures she has received over the years.

Littlest is also an avid reader and loves to snuggle down with a book before bed. The Anywhere Light lets her read wherever she wants – under a blanket or in a fort of sofa cushions or tucked up in bed. (It’s also really great for finding the remote when it has got lost under the sofa or coffee table!)

Close up of a book in a child'd lap with a small, bendy light.

Gifts for Biggest – Magnetic Football Tables

Biggest has never liked any conventional toys. His great passion in life is numbers and statistics and he has a memory full of the dates of reigning monarchs and American Presidents, Athletics World Records and Football Statistics. The first thing he did when he received this Magnetic Football Table set was to excitedly create last year’s Premier League final table results from memory, points and all.

He and his dad have set up their own predictions of this year’s table and taken pictures of them on the magnetic board. This way, they can check throughout the year and see who was closest with their predictions and scores at the end of the football season. So, as well as providing hours of fun for Biggest to explore statistics on his own, it has also provided a great father and son bonding experience.

As you can see, Wicked Uncle Gifts bring more than a way to keep kids occupied for a little while. They are truly items which will inspire their passions and curiosities, get their creativity flowing and provide quality time exploring ideas with parents and other family members.

We cannot rate Wicked Uncle highly enough. Their gifts will be featured in our birthday and Christmas lists for a long time to come!

This is a paid collaboration with Wicked Uncle. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

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