Bedroom Ideas for a Smaller Child

Bedroom Ideas for a Smaller Child

You may have seen that Biggest recently transferred into a full size bed with his extremely comfy FUÜM mattress. In order to accommodate the new bed, we made a few other changes to update the room. Now that he is getting a little bigger, he needs more storage and a pleasant place to play. As well as buying a new bed frame and bed linen, we also invested in a few other things to make his room a really nice space for him to enjoy. I thought I would share some of our bedroom ideas.

  1. Berlin Fabric Ottoman Bed frame from Bedroom World

Transitioning to a single bed with FUÜM

This bed frame was a real bargain at only £199. The best thing about it is the ottoman style – the whole bed opens up and the underneath is storage space. This is great for a growing boy with lots of toys and clothes that need to be stored. It is easy to open but will store a huge amount of stuff that can be hidden away – prefect!

The storage in Biggest's bed - Small Child bedroom ideas

2. Ikea Stuva Wardrobe

Small Child's Bedroom Ideas

We love this wardrobe as it has loads of space and could potentially last a long time. The shelves and trays inside can be rearranged to accommodate bigger clothes and Biggest could potential still use it as a teenager. Littlest could also inherit the wardrobe if he outgrows it in a few years.

3. Next Bed Linen

Bedroom Ideas. Next Bed linen

I love Next designs and Biggest chose this bed linen himself. He loves shapes and patterns and was fascinated by the fact that there were squares in different colours and he could find different patterns. This set was a two pack, with one set being predominantly green and the other mostly blue squares.

Bedroom Ideas – Our Wishlist

When I asked Biggest if there was anything else he would like in his room, his reply was a set of bongos. While that may not be happening (at least for his bedroom) any time soon, we do have a few more items to add to finish his room off. The first item on our wishlist is this brilliant storage unit that also doubles ups as seating:

Seat storage bedroom ideas

The wooden toy box in the pictures above has a broken hinge and this box has the advantages of being padded and colourful and serving as seating, as well as storage.

Finally, we would love to get a really comfy Kid’s Armchair or beanbag for Biggest:

Bedroom Ideas - Armchair for kids

Biggest, who has autism, needs time on his own to recharge and this means he often engages in solitary pursuits like listening to music on his headphones or playing on his tablet. This chair would give him a really comfy place to chill out and enjoy his room. I think he would love this chair.

Biggest’s birthday is coming up so hopefully we can add the final touches to his bedroom by then. The bongos may have to stay downstairs and only come out on special occasions…

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Bedroom Ideas for a Smaller Child - some ideas for furniture and decoration for a younger child's room. Aged 5-10

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