Really Easy Spooky Halloween Cookies with Maryland

Spooky Halloween Cookies with Maryland Feature

Halloween is fast approaching and if you are planning on hosting a party, or would like to give out something a little different to those adorable trick-or-treaters, then look no further. These spooky Halloween cookies look really effective but they are incredibly easy to make and take very little time. They are perfect for when you want to wow but are a little behind on the prep. Maryland Cookies asked me to come up with some Halloween treats using one of their products and I have created these spider and spiderweb using Maryland Double Choc Cookies. They are so easy that you can get the kids involved for a pre-Halloween activity too.

A Halloween witch with Halloween cookies

Spooky Halloween Cookies – You Will Need

  • 1-2 packs of Maryland Double Choc Cookies
  • White and black royal icing. (You can make your own and use a piping bag but you can easily find ready made tubes in most supermarkets these days, making it even easier)
  • Sweets to make spiders (Maltesers work well but other shapes will do)
  • Candy eyes or small sweets to make eyes.
  • Toothpicks or a clean sewing needle

Spooky Halloween Cookies with Maryland Feature

Spooky Halloween Cookies – Method


The easiest way to make these spider cookies really quickly is to set up a little production line. Firstly, set out your cookies in lines and make sure you have enough chocolate sweets and eyes to make your spiders. Next, Pipe some icing spots on the top of your cookies to act and cement for the chocolates and then stick them onto the biscuits. Next, add some piped icing on the top of one of the chocolates to stick the eyes into place. Finally, you can pipe black icing ‘legs’ to complete your spiders.

How to make your Spooky Halloween Cookies - Spider cookies

You can then just leave them in the fridge for an hour or two to make sure the icing sets.


To make the webs, it is best if you use the underside of the Maryland Double Choc cookies, as they are flat and take the icing and pattern better. Next, drizzle white royal icing so that it covers the flat side of the cookie. This is really simple to make and you can find an egg-free recipe here. However, you can get really convenient ready-made squeezy bottles in the shops these days! You may need to leave the icing to set a little (but it should not be solid) before moving on to making the webs. To do this, pipe black icing in concentric circles, starting in the middle of the cookies. You can fit about 3 circles on a Maryland cookie.

How to make spooky halloween cookies with a spiderweb effect

For the last step you will need something like a toothpick or fine needle. Starting in the middle, drag your sharp point out from the middle of the cookie to the edge. Repeat this step several times, spreading out your lines to create the web. I have used black and white icing but you could easily use other colours if you wanted. These cookies should then also be left in the fridge for a few hours in order to set the web shape.

Spooky Halloween Cookies

Finished spiders and webs - spooky Halloween cookies

And there you have it – spooky Halloween cookies that take no time at all. They make a great addition to a Halloween spread or something special to give out to trick-or-treaters.

If you want something else that is really easy and convenient to give out to trick-or-treaters, Maryland Minis make great alternative to other sweets and chocolates.

Maryland Minis Cookies


Really easy Hallowwen Cookies using bought ingredients and no baking.

Please note, this is a paid collaboration with Maryland Cookies.


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