How to make an R2D2 Moneybox

R2D2 Moneybox craft feature

This month’s Bostik Blogger theme is robots. In our household, there is only one robot that it could be. We are huge Star Wars fans and R2D2 has to be the greatest robot (droid!) of all time. This post will show you how to make your very own R2D2 moneybox, suitable for any small Star Wars fan to hide their hard-earned pocket-money. It recycles toilet rolls and other plastic and card waste that you would find around the house too. The model can then be proudly displayed, as well as serving a useful purpose.

R2D2 Moneybox with child putting in money

R2D2 Moneybox – You will need

  • Toilet roll
  • Aerosol deodorant cap
  • Large white lid (the tops of baking powder or bicarbonate of soda work well)
  • White acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Large Lolly sticks
  • White card or foam
  • Tinfoil
  • Black, silver, blue and red permanent markers
  • Bostik Glue/ glue spots
  • Craft knife

R2D2 Moneybox – Method

Firstly, you will need to paint the toilet roll and lolly sticks white. They may need to dry and then have a second coat of paint to ensure that they are covered. Next, use a silver marker or silver paint on your deodorant lid. You may not need to do this if you already have a silver lid! Cut a small slot in the top of the lid to allow coins to be deposited. Glue the baking powder lid to the bottom of your toilet roll.

Painting the tube and sticks for R2D2 moneybox

Once the lolly sticks have dried, cut them with a straight edge so that they are around the same length as your toilet roll. Glue four of the sticks together to create two ‘legs’ that will sit on either side of your droid. Meanwhile, draw out a template to create the ‘feet’ shapes out of card or craft foam. You can see below how I did it. The key is to measure carefully to make sure you get a symmetrical template.

Template for making R2D2 feet

Once you have three ‘feet’ attach two of them to the straight edges of the lolly stick legs. For the third foot, use a small mount of tinfoil to make a small disc and stick that to the top of the foot.

Next, you need to attach each lolly stick leg to the sides of the painted tube. The tube should be at a slight angle and allow both feet to sit evenly on a surface with the tube slightly elevated.

Finally, add the third foot to the bottom of the white lid on the underside of the toilet roll. All three feet should now allow the robot to stand upright. Our deodorant lid fit nearly perfectly over our toilet roll (luckily!) but if yours does not, it may fit over the top. Alternatively, you can aslo cut small incisions in the top of the tube to fold them in and allow the lid to slide over the top.

Final stages of R2D2 moneybox

Finishing Touches

Once all the parts of the R2D2 moneybox are assembled, you can then begin to decorate. I used blue, black, red and silver pens to crate the patterns on the robot. Make sure all the pen marks are dry and you can start using the moneybox right away. Simply drop the coins in the slot to keep them safe. You can they pull the lid off to retrieve your money when needed.

I think this moneybox will have pride of place in Littlest’s room – if daddy does not steal it for himself!

Finished R2D2 moneybox craft


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R2D2 Moneybox Craft

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