Maths Toys and Educational Books and Gifts for Kids

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As I have previously stated, it can be quite tough to find Christmas and Birthday presents for our son. He does not tend to enjoy traditional toys and tends to lose interested in them quite quickly. This year, he has a particular interest in maths toys and puzzles and so we have put together this list of Maths gifts and educational toys for children aged around 5-10.

These are all toys and gifts which we own and which Biggest has received for his birthday and Christmas. We hope these Maths toys and educational gifts give you some gift inspiration for your little Maths fan and help them learn new skills.

Maths Toys and Puzzles

Rubik’s Cubes

The ultimate maths toy has to be the Rubik’s Cube. Biggest owns dozens of them because he is fascinated by making patterns and loves playing with them. He cannot solve one yet but I suspect it will not be too long! The great thing about Rubik’s Cubes is that there are so many to choose from. You can start off with a simple 2 by 2 cube and work up to something bigger.

A large collection of different types of Rubik's cubes

Orchard Games Magic Maths

Magic Maths game by Orchard toys

My son and my daughter LOVE playing this game. It is perfect for 5-7 year-olds and has an added element of spooky fun and number which magically appear on cards.

Arithmetic Cylinder Maths Toy

This cylinder puzzle is great for teaching kids new sums and concepts like less than and greater than. Biggest has been working on these types of sums as he approaches the end of KS1. He loves the action of moving the sections like a fidget toy and he loves completing the sums!

Electronic Maths Toys and Apps

Little Professor Maths Toys

This is a slightly retro maths toys option – I had one when I was a child! But I think the fact that the toy is a little old-fashioned actually makes it a bit of a novelty for children today.

Close-up of little professor maths toy

The Little Professor asks your children sums: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has five levels of difficulty, from ‘very easy’ to ‘very difficult’ and rewards a star for each task completed. It is very sturdy and solar-powered meaning it should last for years and years.

Electronic Rubik’s Spark Cube with 6 Games

Biggest has not received this yet but it is on his Christmas wishlist. The Spark has six games and I am sure it will keep him occupied for a while!

Maths Toys - Rubik's Spark

DoodleMaths app for KS1 -KS3

DoodleMaths is an absolutely brilliant app for teaching maths to 4-14 year-olds. We were lucky to be gifted a lifetime membership a few years ago and we have been using it since. Biggest loves it and Littlest is just starting to use it too. You can download the basic app for free and there are options to pay monthly, yearly or the lifetime subscription – the ultimate in educational gifts.

Maths and Educational Books

Numberblocks Annual

Okay, so these are not exactly Maths Toys – but they are maths gifts that any curious mind would love. Numberblocks is a HUGE favourite with Biggest and he asked me to make sure he got this for Christmas months before it came out! It is only £5.95 so makes a great smaller gift.

Guinness Book of Records and 5000 Awesome Facts

Biggest loves learning about anything to do with numbers and this includes world records. He is forever telling me about the tallest something or the oldest something or the record for someone doing the most of something. The Guinness Book of World Records is going to thrill him when he unwraps it at Christmas and I cannot wait to see his face when he opens these and his other Maths toys.

Likewise, 5000 awesome facts will fire his imagination too. It was suggested to be because I had put the Guinness book on his wishlist and I know he will be thrilling me with the facts he learns from this book before long.

Brain Games and Maths Games for Clever Kids

Brain Games and Maths Games - Maths toys

Biggest loves this range of books and owns Maths Games for Clever Kids and Brain Games for Clever Kids. The Puzzles are a little more challenging so I would recommend them for older kids or true Maths enthusiasts!

And there you have it – the list of Maths toys, books and educational games that Biggest has or will receive for his birthday and Christmas this year. Which educational toys or maths toys will you be buying for your kids this year?

Please note, this post contains affiliate links. This means if you click through and buy anything, we earn a small commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate. I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see our Disclosure Policy

Maths toys and educational gifts pin

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2 thoughts on “Maths Toys and Educational Books and Gifts for Kids

  1. Some great ideas in this post. I think my kids would love the magic maths game and I feel a bit guilty my kids didn’t get the numberblocks annual for Christmas since they are such big fans. I really should look at doodle maths considering my husband wrote some of the content for it! #spectrumsunday

  2. I bought Adam Spencer’s NUMBERLAND for myself this Christmas.

    And I find lots of mathematics in the scales of maps especially walkable ones to a hundred-metre scale.

    There are lots of mathematical colouring books also – the ones with patterns. Especially field colouring.

    And, yes, the Guinness World Record Books were very very popular among my set and our graduation gift to the Library was a World Record Book.

    Thank you for letting us know about Doodle Maths, Jade Page.

    I hope your Christmas was Mathemagical.

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